Camp Bowser Pet Retreat offers care for all pets


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Locals planning their summer vacations and also looking for a place for their furred, feathered, and even scaled members of the family now have another resource to use while they’re away from home.

Camp Bowser Pet Retreat, located at 509 County Road 4807, in Copperas Cove, is ready and waiting for all kinds of pets to stay and play while their families are away.

Donna Sadd, a longtime Covite, has relaunched the business she once operated while living in Florida.

“I operate Camp Bowser Pet Retreat and ‘campers’ of any species are welcome. Dogs, cats, birds, fish, bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, and even several snakes enjoy their own vacations while their families are away,” said Sadd.

Camp Bowser originated in Pompano Beach, Florida in 1994. Pets of all kinds enjoyed a loving environment, and socialized dog campers were free to roam a spacious countryside setting.

Camp Bowser has three sections of park-like yard space, a gated meadow, small barn, a chicken coop, outdoor rabbit hutch, outdoor bird aviary, and a quiet interior cabin for cats.

Prior to families boarding their pets, Sadd welcomes potential guests and their owners to come for a free socialization visit.

In addition to vacation boarding, Sadd offers half day and full day, work week, and weekend pricing for pet visits at the camp.

“We truly believe that no one, especially fellow critter-lovers, should have to pay through the nose to get away every now and then. Camp Bowser's mission is to provide top-notch, loving care at sensible rates that make trips 'doable,’” Sadd said. “As you view our rates, you'll first see our boarding rate for a single socialized dog camper. The ‘total’ cost listed covers up to 3 critters combined.”

Playcare is Monday through Friday care while owners are at work, with half-day care (less than five hours), costing $5 for one pet; $10 for a full day for one pet ($20 for up to three): and a work week month costing $200 per month for one dog (or $275 for up to three).

Friday through Monday weekend boarding for cats is $50, dogs $100, and $25 for exotic pets.

Through June 30, 2019, Camp Bowser is offering a special weekend rate of $100 for up to three family pets, redeemable within six months.

Camp Bowser provides Purina One dry dog and cat food, and fresh waterers inside and out. For exotic pets, owners must provide food, bowls, crates and/or cages. Even pets with special needs are welcome.

“Provide your pet's special diet and/or medications and we will follow your directions to the tee,” Sadd said.

Owners will receive photos and video messages of their pets daily while they are away.

Campers always depart with send-off gifts, with dogs receiving goodie bags of home-baked healthy dog bones.

For more information about Camp Bowser Pet Retreat or to schedule a socialization visit, call 254-340-1600 or visit their website at www.campbowsercom.

Sadd’s own recipe for homemade dog treats is as follows:



2 teaspoons dry yeast

1/2 cup lukewarm water

2 tablespoons chopped parsley

2 tablespoons minced garlic*

1-1/2 cups chicken stock*

3 tablespoons honey

1 egg

5-6 cups whole wheat flour 

*An occasional low dose, [of onions, garlic and chives] such as what might be found in pet foods or treats, likely will not cause a problem, but we recommend that you do NOT give your pets large quantities of these foods.


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. (180 C.) In a large bowl, dissolve yeast in warm water. Stir in the parsley, garlic, chicken stock, honey and egg. Gradually blend in flour, adding enough to form a stiff dough.Transfer to a floured surface and knead until smooth (about 3-5 minutes). Shape the dough into a ball. Roll to 1/4 inch thickness. Cut out the dog biscuits using small bone-shaped cookie cutter. Transfer to ungreased baking sheets, spacing the dog biscuits about 1/4 inch apart. Bake for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes remove from oven, turn over biscuits and cook an additional 15 minutes or until lightly browned on both sides. Let cool overnight. You can take all the dog bones and dump them on one baking sheet and set them in the oven overnight. Doing so will make for crisper, crunchier dog biscuits.


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