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Walker receives Golden Trowel Award


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Mt. Hiram Masonic Lodge #595 of Copperas Cove recognized Lodge Secretary Robert Walker for his dedication to the lodge and community with the Golden Trowel Award on Tuesday evening. 

“We have assembled on this occasion to honor a brother whose contributions to Masonry are exceeded only by his desire to remain anonymous,” said Worshipful Master Robbie Dixon. 

Walker is a member of Mt. Hiram Lodge #595 and Mt. Fordham #137. He is also a member of different appendant bodies such as the York Rite Commandry, the Shrine, York Rite Chapter, York Rite Council, the Scottish Rite and York Rite Sovereign College. 

Walker was initiated as an Entered Apprentice, October 20, 2009. He passed to the degree of Fellowcraft on April 6, 2010, and raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason on May 18, 2010.


Walker has served in every role in the lodge, aside from Chaplain and Treasurer. He was the Worshipful Master of Mt. Hiram in 2016-2017 and the District Deputy Grand Master of District #69 from January 2018 to January 2019. 

Lodge member James Johnsen shared that he has known Walker for many years. 

“Masonic history that some don’t know is, he was kind of made to be my instructor because he’s always one to wanting to be helpful and offering good counsel or any help he can. At the time, my instructor was going his own way, because he was getting out on military, and I needed another one and the Worshipful Master at the time said, ‘Well, we’ll get you someone. You know, Brother Robert has offered, so that might help you out,’” Johnsen said. “I became his first student, and he’s been a great mentor to me. He’s helped me, mentored me, got me through the chairs to where I was Worshipful Master in 2021-2022, and I just took over as District Deputy Grand Master of District #69 here in January.” 

“You are receiving a highly prestigious award from the brethren of your lives,” Johnsen shared before the Golden Trowel award was presented to Walker.  “The process of selecting the recipient of the Golden Trowel award is not taken lightly by the brethren of this lodge, or by the Grand Lodge of Texas. Your activity and contributions to the teachings of the Masonic principles and your devotion to our to your lodge has singled you out as the most suited candidate for this honor. As you go about your daily life, you certainly spread the cement of brotherly love, uniting us all into a society of friends and brothers. The Golden Trowel award is being presented to you for your devoted and untiring efforts in the advancement of Masonry and brotherly love.”

Walker was at a loss for words following the ceremony. He said that it was an honor to be receiving the award and be recognized by his Lodge. His granddaughter joined him as he was presented the Golden Trowel and pinned the award pin to his lapel.

The Golden Trowel award originated in 1989 at Armadillo Acres, the country retreat of past Grand Master Leonard P. Harvey, when Harvey, then Deputy Grand Master A.D. Hanna and then Grand Senior Warden Fred E. Allen were discussing the Sam Houston Medal, a state level award that was given to Masons, and the lack of recognition given to Masons at the local lodge level. 

“By their imagination, motivated by genuine concern to recognize those deserving of our gratitude, we have an avenue to express our appreciation to our dedicated brethren,” Dixon said. “The nominee and recipients of the Masonic Golden Trowel Award must have contributed something other than the concept and the physical design or creation of some geometric form representing anything from a flower garden to an edifice, comprised of brick, mortar, cement, or steel. They have given of their time. They have shown love and dedication to our brethren, our craft, and our fellow man.  

This form of giving eclipses all the efforts of extending oneself within a business or profession. Those brethren who have come before us have taught us the value of saying thanks to those who deserve to be thanked, for no other reason, except they practice in their daily lives and the lessons of Freemasonry. 

This award is dedicated by a vote of the members of the lodge. This award is given from the heart and with love.”

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