Student assaulted at CCJHS, district and CCPD investigating

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Copperas Cove police are investigating the physical assault of a student at Copperas Cove Junior High last Friday. 
The incident occurred during the afternoon while school was in session, and according to the Copperas Cove Police Department’s daily bulletin for October 20, there is a report of “assault with bodily injury, disorderly conduct-public affray” at 702 Sunny Ave., Copperas Cove Junior High School.
Sgt. Kevin Miller, community relations officer for the CCPD, said he could provide no further information at this time, as the investigation is ongoing and the final report has not been approved as of yet. 
CCISD did issue a statement regarding the incident, confirming that it is being managed through CCISD’s Student Code of Conduct discipline plan and an investigation is being conducted.  
“CCISD has a zero tolerance policy on bullying and reports can be made in person to any staff member or online where the reporter remains anonymous. All incidents of bullying that are reported are thoroughly investigated and appropriate action is taken.”
According to CCISD’s student code of conduct, “a student shall not fight or scuffle.”
Also according to the student code of conduct, whether or not a student goes to DAEP, the district’s Disciplinary Alternative Education Program, is contingent upon several things and that “regardless of whether the action is mandatory or discretionary, the campus behavior coordinator shall take into consideration: 1. Self-defense (see glossary), 2. Intent or lack of intent at the time the student engaged in the conduct, 3. The student’s disciplinary history, or 4. A disability that substantially impairs the student’s capacity to appreciate the wrongfulness of the student’s conduct.”
Additionally, in accordance with state law, a student may be placed in a DAEP for “assault by offensive or provocative physical contact” and mandatory placement in DAEP will occur if a student “commits an assault under Texas Penal Code 22.01(a)(1).”
It is not known if any criminal charges will result from the incident, nor did the CCPD or CCISD confirm how many students were involved in the assault on the student. 

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