CCLP/PAMELA GRANT - Wendy Marsh works on tooling leather at the medieval workshop hosted by the SCA at the Copperas Cove Public Library. Here she works on finishing off her greaves which will be worn when she participates in rapier fighting.CCLP/PAMELA GRANT - Amy Terry works on her Inkle loom while Wendy Marsh shows Madisyn Pigg how to card wool at the medieval workshop hosted by the SCA at the Copperas Cove Public Library.


Medieval group meets at library
Cove Leader-Press
Wednesday night, the Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA, hosted their monthly medieval meeting in the Copperas Cove Public Library’s meeting room. The meeting usually has a set theme or lesson, but January’s class served as an open workshop.
The workshop was open to the public and participants were able to take part in a variety of medieval projects. Projects included carding wool, leather work, metal work, planning projects, and sewing. Everyone who attended the event was free to either work by his or her self or to get advice and help from others.
“It’s fun to be able to share your projects with others while you are working on them,” said Veronica Pigg (known in the SCA as Izza Al-Kaayata).
Pigg worked on crafting a new outfit for her persona to wear, an Ottoman Antari coat. The outfit will be a part of her fighting gear for rapier fighting. Pigg said that she likes the open workshop and being able to work on her projects with others. She said that she mostly ends up helping others with their own projects more than working on her own, but she enjoys helping them.
Wendy Marsh (known in the SCA as Mistress Willoc macMuiredaig) spent her time tooling leather to work on a pair of greaves, or shin guards, for her persona to wear in combat. She said that she initially joined the SCA because they offered free dance lessons and it was something that she and her family could all participate in together.
Marsh’s passion is dyeing. She said that she enjoys everything to do with dyeing to include working with wool, spinning, weaving, and even woodworking. She said that, for her, exploratory archaeology is an important aspect of the SCA. In the SCA, they are able to find out whether or not medieval items work the way archaeologists think that they do.
“We are discovering the lost arts and sciences of the Middle Ages and keeping them alive,” said Marsh. “That’s more vital than people realize.”
Amy Terry (known in the SCA as Brigitta vonEiseach) worked on Inkle weaving and helping others with completing their own projects. She described the SCA and the group’s focus.
“The SCA is a non-profit organization that focuses on reenacting the Middle and Renaissance Ages…Our focus is on teaching and learning skills they would have used to include western martial arts, rapier combat, archery, arts and sciences, blacksmithing, and studying the food and cooking that they would have done. There’s a place for everybody,” said Terry. “I’m in the SCA because I love history. Not everyone is in the SCA because they love history. Some are in the SCA because they are fascinated with being a knight and they love the fanciful side of history…some are in because they like to sew, or they’re in because they like to do archery. There’s really and truly so many outlets for creativity.”
Anyone interested in participating in a future SCA meeting is welcome to attend any group meeting. The SCA meets at 7 p.m. every Thursday at the Carl Levin Park in Harker Heights. They also meet on the third Wednesday of each month from 8 p.m. until 10 p.m. in the Copperas Cove Public Library meeting room.
For more information about the SCA visit and for information about the Central Texas branch, visit


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