Readers team with KCCB to build a better world

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Taking care of the environment can be both easy and fun. Keep Copperas Cove Beautiful (KCCB) Executive Director Silvia Rhoads demonstrated how simple it can be to recycle and showed off a few creative ways to enjoy recycling on Wednesday at the Copperas Cove Public Library.
Rhoads’ class on taking care of our world fit perfectly with the reading program’s theme of “Build a Better World” as children were shown how to create their own recycled paper and were invited to craft their own birdfeeders out of toilet paper rolls, peanut butter, and birdseed.
Rhoads, who is also the recycling coordinator for the City of Copperas Cove, talked about the many things that can be recycled such as paper, plastic, cans, and more.
“You can make some really cool things out of recycled items,” said Rhoads who said the best part of her job is teaching people about the importance of recycling. “When you’re recycling paper, you don’t have to cut down trees to make more paper.”
Rhoads showed the group of attentive children how to take shredded paper, mix it with water and put it through the blender, pour the mixture into a cookie cutter, remove as much water as possible, and be left with a piece of recycled paper in the shape of your cookie cutter. The children were invited to color and decorate pre-made recycled paper in the shapes of Texas, stars, snowmen, and more.
“It’s fun to recycle, and you get to play with it, and save money,” said Aubrielle Parker (5).
“It’s amazing because I got to make a garbage pizza,” said Teagan Gerhardt (8) as she proudly held up her artwork. “It’s important to recycle to save all the trees.”
“I thought the program was really awesome because it helps us save Earth’s energy and not waste it,” said Kameren Jones (10). “That helps us all to survive.”
After learning how to make recycled paper and getting to color their own sheets of recycled paper, the children made bird feeders.
“I love the Summer Reading Program. I like how they make sure to have programs that incorporate all different ages,” said Kathrin Parker who brought her children, Aubrielle (5) and Randy Parker (9), to Wednesday’s program. “They always learn something and do something fun.”
The Summer Reading Program will continue next Wednesday with a class on math and science fun at 2 p.m. On Thursday, Wild Things Zoofari will have performances at 2 p.m., 4 p.m., and 6 p.m.
Although the Summer Reading Program is about having fun, watching performers, learning, socializing, and participating in a variety of fun activities, the reading program is primarily about reading. As in past years, the library rewards children who reach certain reading goals. The reading goals for those who are old enough to read are for completing 180 minutes, 350 minutes, and 500 minutes. Children who are too young to read have an alternate list of reading activities which includes things like visiting the library, sing songs about your day, and looking at a map and pointing out the places they’ve been to. Children who make level 1 receive a reading bag, a Schlotzky’s cookie, bookmark, and a sticker. Those who reach level 2 receive a flying disk and a Subway kid’s meal. Those who complete all the challenges and make it to level 3 will receive a plastic top, Pizza Hut kid’s meal, summer reading certificate, and an invitation to the library’s pizza party at the end of the program.
All the Summer Reading Program events and activities are free to the public.

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