Rainbow Girls hold fundraiser at Mt. Hiram Lodge

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The Mt. Hiram Masonic Lodge was filled with laughter, fun, and camaraderie on Saturday evening as the Rainbow Girls served dinner to raise funds for their group.
From 4 to 7 p.m., the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (or Rainbow Girls) gathered at the lodge for a game night and an all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner. Participants were invited to share in a fun meal that included spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, and a variety of tasty desserts. They also offered a raffle ticket fundraiser that raised money for Shriner’s Children’s Hospital.
“We came up with the idea because we wanted to do a fundraiser and we thought spaghetti would be fall-themed, and it’s kinda chilly outside so it would be a little warm,” said Krystal Hittle (14), the Rainbow Girl’s Worthy Advisor, a title similar to president.
Many of those that came did so to support the girls. The dinner was just a nice bonus.
“I wanted to support them because they’re a good civic organization,” said Virginia Kessel. “It helps them become leaders in their communities. It helps their poise and confidence.”
The money raised by the dinner will help pay for the girls’ travel expenses. The girls go to a state convention every year.
“My favorite part [of being a Rainbow Girl] is travellng. I love to travel,” said Hittle. “I like seeing different places because it gives me more confidence and it gives me more ideas about where to go in life…You learn about each state. You don’t just go there to have fun, you learn.”
“Rainbow is an organization for girls that teaches girls leadership and proper etiquette,” said Hittle. “It teaches confidence and we do service to the community.”
The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is an organization formed in 1922 for girls 11-20 years old. The non-profit group aims to give girls a fun environment to become successful by giving them confidence, instilling leadership skills, and encouraging them to help their community.
“I think it’s building their character and helping them,” said Lisa Jorstad, the Mother Advisor for the group. “They are our future and it helps them become leaders of our community…They plan everything and come up with all the ideas.”
Jerri Young, a former Rainbow Girl, said that the group really helps the girls learn confidence and public speaking. She said that the colors of the rainbow coincide with the seven main lessons that the girls learn which are love, religion, nature, immortality, fidelity, patriotism, and service. The girls also learn about faith, hope, and charity.
“They work hard. They love being friendly. They’re just so good with people. I think part of that confidence comes from being a Rainbow Girl,” said Young about the girls at Saturday’s spaghetti dinner. “It’s an excellent organization.”
Those interested in learning more about the Rainbow Girls and how to become a member can contact Lisa Jorstad at 630-287-2551 or by email at charity9900@yahoo.com

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