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Pirates and ice cream at the Copperas Cove library

Cove Leader-Press

Participants were invited to enjoy a cold treat and get out of the heat at the library’s 4th annual ice cream and concert.

This year’s event was held at the Copperas Cove Public Library on Friday starting at 6 p.m. and featured music by Master ‘Bones’ Jangle and the Voodoo Cannibals.

The Friends of the Library sponsored the event which was free to the public, and made Klondike bars available for attendees for donation.

“It’s a way to engage with the community,” said John Gallen, the Vice President of Friends of the Library.

Gallen said that having the concert and ice cream is a good way for them to wrap up the summer and encourage the community to get out and socialize a little bit. Money to host Friends of the Library events comes from community donations and through their book sales at the library. Those looking for more information about Friends of the Library can learn more on their Facebook page at

Library Director, Kevin Marsh, chose Master ‘Bones’ Jangle and the Voodoo Cannibals after hearing one of the band members perform at a renaissance fair concert and thought that the pirate themed band would be a fun and interesting choice.

“I thought, ‘Why not have a pirate band come to Copperas Cove?’,” said Marsh. “We’ll do an August concert. We’ll have ice cream. We’ll be in the air conditioning. What could be better? …I think it worked out well. We had fun, and we will do this again next year with a very different sound.”

Marsh said that he likes to have different types of musical performers each year and is considering Zydeco for next year’s event.

“We’re just trying out different things and having fun with it,” said Marsh.

Some of the children at the event danced to the music and fans both young and old belted out the words to a variety of the more well-known songs.

Nancy Herum brought her grandchildren Kylie Petty (8) and Kayla Petty (7) to watch the show. The three swayed their arms to the music throughout the concert. The kids were especially impressed with the female performer.

“I think they’re wonderful,” said Herum. “I haven’t heard this kind of music before.”

“I loved it!”, said Kylie Petty. She said that she loved all of their songs and she also enjoyed the ice cream. “It’s even better than regular vanilla in a cone.”

Herum said that their family is new to the community—they’ve been here for about a year now—and she loves the fact that the library hosts so many fun, free events to the community.

“We love their events, and we try to come to as many as we can,” said Herum.

“Kids enjoy the music a lot,” said Michael Pruitt, aka Master ‘Bones’ Jango. “We work in almost any environment.”

Pruitt said that he started the Master ‘Bones’ Jangle and the Voodoo Cannibals group around 2011 and went through several backup bands before finding the current members who he said fit his vision for the group really well. He said that their musical style, especially their pirate themed jokes and songs, are a popular hit with groups of all ages from the library to biker bars. He said that it’s not uncommon for fans of them to attend events dressed in pirate garb. Pruitt said that their group enjoyed performing in Cove.

“It was fun,” said Pruitt. “It was a good show.”

Both Master ‘Bones’ Jangle and the Voodoo Cannibals and Shillelagh! (their other band) will be performing at Hans-Stock Sept 15, 16, and 17 at Texas Music River Ranch. Shillelagh!, will be performing at the Sherwood Celtic Festival Sept 9.




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