Locals picture their dreams and goals for 2020 at vision board party


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If you can see it, you can feel it and make it a reality.

Participants in Cloud Real Estate’s Vision Board Party on Saturday morning sifted through pre-cut pictures and headlines, occasionally looking through magazines in search of the perfect messages and symbols for their personal vision boards.

The idea of a vision board is to create a collage of pictures, images, and affirmations of your dreams, goals, and desires which is supposed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation using the law of attraction to attain your goals. 

Texas Licensed Realtor Vicki Brooks said that she has been creating vision boards for years and was grateful that Cloud Real Estate, whom she works for, allowed her to use their building to host her Vision Board Party. Brooks hopes that she will be able to make the Vision Board Party an annual event.

Creating a vision board and displaying it in a place you’ll see often is an excellent way to help with keeping your goals, wishes, and desires in the forefront of your mind.

Brooks said that she believes in the power of vision boards.

“It’s very important to keep your goals in front of you, visually in sight because if you don’t, you kinda lose track of what you are trying to do,” said Brooks. “I’m hoping that [participants] will keep their vision, or their dream, or their goal in front of them and try to accomplish it throughout the year.”

Brooks said that she thought now was the perfect time to create a vision board as it’s the beginning of the year, and with the New Year, a lot of people plan out their goals and come up with resolutions. 

Some of Brooks’ own goals include losing 20 pounds, traveling, learning to use social media more effectively, and selling a certain amount at Cloud Real Estate.

Brooks said that, for her, it’s more fun to work on the vision board with a group of people. Throughout the event, Brooks helped participants choose words, phrases, and pictures that would be able to help inspire them.

Monica Cooley said she enjoyed getting to create her own vision board which she plans to keep in her crafting room where she will see it often.

Although she has made vision boards before, she enjoyed making herself another at Saturday’s event. 

Cooley said that she thought it was very creative to use the cut-out words and pictures on her vision board on a variety of topics including love, family, health, and more.

“It helps you to achieve what you want to do when you can see your vision,” said Cooley. “When I first saw people were doing vision boards, I was like, ‘What?’ Then I watched a couple of YouTubes with Steve Harvey, and Steve Harvey actually keeps a vision board…And out of all the people that were doing them, I liked his the best because he says that ‘When you can see it, you can dream it, and then you can do it.’”

Cooley’s goals for the future include buying a house, finding someone in her life, traveling, and eating good food.

Brooks said that she plans to check up quarterly on the event’s participants to check on them to see if they are keeping up with their goals and help keep them on track if necessary.

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