Local center offers cryotherapy sessions in Lampasas


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There’s a new method of treating chronic pain that has come to the Central Texas area and its owner is hoping to help others like her, who’ve lived with chronic pain. 

Sonja Morris, along with her husband, Randy, recently opened Centex Cryotherapy at 215 E. 3rd St. in Lampasas. Sonja has owned and operated Curves for nine years, and this is the newest extension of her business. On Tuesday, she held a ribbon cutting and has been open for two weeks. 

Morris has suffered from chronic pain for years after becoming the victim of a drunk driver. 

“I have had four hip replacements, two surgeries, had ablation done on my back twice, I’ve had foot surgery. One of my knees has no cartilage at all, and I’ve had to get steroid and Synvisc shots. I pretty much have lived in pain most of my life.”

She said that all changed when one of her husband’s clients came to get his yearly taxes done and he stated he’d gone back to work as a truck driver.

“He said, ‘ I tried this new therapy, and you need to get your wife to try it,’” Morris said.

And that’s exactly what she did. However, the nearest cryotherapy center was in Goldthwaite, almost a 40-minute drive away. Morris said within two weeks of treatments, her pain level had bene reduced so much that Randy noticed it. 

“He told me, ‘We’ve got to try to get this here for you. Surely, you’re not the only person who lives with chronic pain. We had looked around, there’s not anything in Killeen or Cove.”

The cryotherapy machine treats the entire body – except for a person’s head – by exposing the body to liquid nitrogen vapors inside the machine. Clients are given socks, slippers and gloves to wear during the treatment and a robe is provided to move from the changing room to the machine. Clients sign waivers prior to treatments, and Morris does recommend that individuals consult their physician if there is any question before trying it out.

“The process takes three minutes and it is cold – but the cold is what helps the body,” Morris said, comparing it to a doctor’s recommendation to ice sprains to reduce inflammation and speed recovery. 

In fact, the store’s tagline is “Chill to heal.”

She compares the treatment to a “reset button” for the body, when after the three minutes is up and a person leaves the machine, their body is flooded with oxygen-rich blood.

“We’ve had people who have great results in one treatment, some in three. It’s an individual healing process. The more you have wrong with you, the longer it takes,” Sonja explained. “For me, it was about two weeks, going 5-6 times  week before I noticed reduction in pain. We’ve had phenomenal results with people who have tried it.”

With school getting under way, Morris is offering a special discount to Copperas Cove ISD teachers for $10 on the first day of school, just like she offered for Lampasas ISD teachers. First visit treatments are usually $25, with regular sessions $35 after that. Centex Cryotherapy also offers discounts for 4-pack and 10-pack services, monthly membership, and for groups of eight or more. Morris can be reached at 512-556-8040. 

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