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First girls earn Cub Scout badges

Cove Leader-Press 

Smiles were aplenty as three girls officially became members of the Copperas Cove Cub Scout Pack #257 during the pack’s weekly meeting on Tuesday evening at First Presbyterian Church.
This Cub Scout pack is the first in Copperas Cove and the Central Texas area to allow females into the group. 
During the meeting, Cub Scout Master Tremell Pittman presented Kendra Ahart, Juliet Andress, and Romella Spitzer as the first girls to join the pack and the three had their first badges pinned by their mothers. 
Pittman has been the Cub Scout Master for Copperas Cove Pack #257, part of the Longhorn Council Leon Valley, for two years. 
“Because the Cub Scouts are based around family, and even when we were not allowed to have girls, we all did the same activities like camping together, and we also do rock climbing and archery. At that same time girls were not allowed to earn badges, but now they can.”
Pittman said that previously, the United States was one of the 13 countries that did not allow girls to join the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts programs. 
“Kendra, Juliet, and Romella are some of the first allowed into the Cub Scouts, and eventually the National Boy Scouts of America will be including girls into the Boy Scouts,” Pittman said.
Naomi Ingrim is the pastor of First Presbyterian Church and the Charter Organization Representative for Cub Scout Pack #257. 
 “Our pack was asked to be a part of the early adopter Family Scouting program, which is a program designed to welcome both girls and boys into the Cub Scouts,” said Ingrim. 
There are about 30 members in Pack #257, and Ingrim said there are no other changes to this pack other than allowing girls to join. 
“We are very happy to be a part of this program; we also look forward to more girls applying to be a part of our pack,” she said.
Kendra Ahart is now a member of Cub Scout Pack #257 of Copperas Cove, and along with Juliet Andress, and Romella Spitzer are the first females to be admitted into a Cub Scout Pack in Copperas Cove.
The second grader at House Creek Elementary School is also a Girl Scout. 
“I wanted to join the Cub Scouts, because I think that it will be a fun opportunity to help others in the community and I hope to inspire other girls,” said Kendra.
Ivanna Ahart, Kendra’s mother, talked about their involvement in the pack.
“It is amazing. I have been associated with Tremell Pittman since my son was a Tiger Cub. I am so happy with the morals and values that this pack teaches to these kids, and that is why we could not wait to sign her up when they decided to allow girls into the scouts,” said Ivanna.
Romella Spitzer is seven years old, and goes to Williams Ledger Elementary School, also in the Girl Scout and is a member of the Pack #257.
“I like it, because my brother is in it. I also like camping and having fun,” Romella said.
Denise Spitzer echoed Ivanna Ahart’s words about scouting. 
 “I am very happy that Romella is in the Cub Scouts now, but I wish it had happened sooner. I love the fact that the Cub Scouts / Boy Scouts promote family and community values.”
Juliet Andress is also a new member of the Cub Scouts and is seven years old and goes Fairview/Jewell Elementary. 
“It is very nice, because we get to do fun things like be outside, and learn about nature, and I like learning about nature.” She, like the other two, belongs to the Girl Scouts.
Brooke Andress is Juliet’s mother. 
“I think since all the other countries in the world do not separate boys and girls, it is about time that they have this. This organization is very family oriented, and I have several children, all girls, and I like the idea of them being able to go to one place where they learn good values and participate in activities,” she said. “Juliet has been with the Girl Scouts for two years and wants to earn her Eagle badge.”
Gerry Greene, is the Assistant District Commissioner for Copperas Cove Cub Scouts and talked about the newness of allowing girls to join. 
“This is so special, because it is new and it is only as of January 1 that girls have been allowed to join Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts. Now that Pack #257 has allowed the three girls to join, it instills the idea of this being a family-oriented group. It will not be a for a few more years that girls will be allowed to become Boy Scouts. These girls will be in Cub Scouts for about four years, because it is a ranked progression of Bobcat, Tiger, Bear, and finally Webelo, and then on to the Boy Scouts. These girls will learn great values, and morals, and will also be a part of helping the community and having fun in the process.”
Cub Scout Pack #257 is accepting applications for girls ages 7-9 and will be holding a recruitment drive on Monday, February 5, from 6-7 p.m. at the Copperas Cove Public Library. 

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