Edmonds named CCISD Auxiliary Personnel of the Year

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Standing more than six feet tall, Bonnie Edmonds is tall and statuesque and appears to be fearless. But, she admits the find courage in knowing that she is helping others.

Bonnie Edmonds serves the school district with the job title of transportation secretary, but she fulfills many roles. When CCISD is short of bus drivers, Mrs. Edmonds quickly gets behind the wheel without hesitation, transporting the precious cargo of students to and from school.

“I wanted to find a job that was able to be flexible enough for me to be home with my kids when they got home,” Edmonds said. “It was very intimidating for me to get behind the wheel of a bus. But, I had a really good trainer that was able to give me confidence to drive the bus and I was actually able to pass the CDL test and obtain my license.”

As the department secretary, Edmonds talks with parents and addresses their concerns.

“I think being a woman actually gives me an advantage because I am also a mother. So, when I talk with parents who are worried, I understand what they are going through and can really help them,” Edmonds said.

Edmonds worked her way from being a bus driver to secretary of the department which put another big obstacle in her path—computers. She had never used a computer in any of her previous jobs. But, she was willing to learn and once again, CCISD was willing to train her for which she expressed her gratitude. 

CCISD Director of Support Services Gary Elliott was elated when he learned that Edmonds was selected as the 2017 CCISD Auxiliary Personnel of the Year.

“She is firm but fair when working out staff issues and never complains,” Elliott said. “She is a pleasure to work with.”

Edmonds was selected as one of only three spokespeople to represent the school district in a recognition video when CCISD was honored by the Central Texas Girl Scouts as the 2017 Workplace of Distinction for the non-traditional job opportunities the school district provides women.    

“There might be some people that have that misconception about the transportation department being a male-dominated field, but actually we have 48 women and 38 males in our department.  So, the women are dominating,” Edmonds said.

Edmonds has achieved goals that at one time were beyond even her own expectations and offers advice to other looking to achieve their own goals.

“Always work hard. Learn the trade that you want to go into. And, never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.  Because you can,” Edmonds said.  

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