COURTESY PHOTO - House Creek Elementary students enjoy good books as part of World Reading Day as they celebrated Drop Everything and Read for 15 minutes at the end of the school day.


House Creek celebrates World Reading Day

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If the old adage is true that when you open a good book, you expand your mind, there is a lot of mind expansion happening at House Creek Elementary.

Students and staff participated in National Reading Day, an annual event which celebrates and encourages reading by younger children, and is recognized in thousands of schools all around the United States. This literacy event is designed to help Pre-K through third grade students develop the literacy foundation needed to become lifelong learners, said House Creek librarian Roseanne Dietze.

“House Creek Elementary loves to read, so in honor of National Reading Day we all participated in a Drop Everything and Read Day. All grade levels stopped their classwork at 2:30 p.m. and everyone read until 2:45 p.m.,” Dietze said. “The teachers and students loved this event due to the love of reading. I was thrilled and had the best day ever, just knowing that the kiddos were reading!”

For 15 minutes, the students’ minds on campus were traveling to different places with different characters and learning new vocabulary, working on fluency, comprehension, and along with just reading for fun.

Student Alyssa Lewis’s book took her imagination high into the sky.

“I read a Magic Tree House book,” she said. “It was interesting and it was a fun event.”

Lucas Hall read the same book as Lewis while Ayvin Igancio read a fun rhyming book. Caius Caldwell read a Spiderman book.

“It was about Peter Parker getting bit by a radioactive spider, and it was a very good book,” Caldwell said. The reading day was a very good event.”

Dixie Bartram said her book was about a donkey who would not eat. At the end of the book, the donkey ate with ducks.

Alexander Garner enjoyed reading information he found useful.

“It was really good that we read some books that were nonfiction and learned more things,” he said.

For Dietze, it does not matter what the students are reading, as long as they are reading.

“This is an exciting day and I just love knowing that everyone took the time to enjoy a book,” Dietze said.

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