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Crossroads High School holds spring commencement, graduates 45


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Crossroads High School held its annual Spring Commencement ceremony in the S.C. Lee Junior High School Cafeteria Thursday evening, hosting dozens of friends and family members who watched 45 of its graduates cross the stage. 

Thursday’s ceremony is one of three that Crossroads High School holds each year. Crossroads High School is known as the alternative high school or school of choice for Copperas Cove Independent School District and offers a different path to a high school diploma for Copperas Cove’s high school students. 

Principal Pat Crawley said that after the graduation of these 45 students, Crossroads was left with 113 students currently enrolled. Many of the students who graduate from Crossroads go on to attend college, while others enter into the military or head straight into their career after earning certifications from Central Texas College. 

From this group, Crawley said some students had earned their certifications in the fields of culinary arts and automotive mechanics. Others are entering into the workforce at local retail or food service businesses in the area. 

Crawley estimated that the majority of the graduates end up graduating at least one semester earlier than their original graduation date. 

“That’s probably the most rewarding thing about being at Crossroads is seeing these kids that probably or may not graduate ever and they’re graduating on time, and a lot of them are graduating early,” Crawley said. “They come over to Crossroads from the high school, behind with the idea ‘Oh, I’ll catch up and graduate on time,’ but they not only catch up, they graduate early.” 

Crossroads High School has seen at least 20 students graduating per commencement ceremony, with 27 graduating in January of this year. 

“That’s the biggest thing to me is seeing these kids that are kind of at the end of the line- it’s not all of them by any means- but there are a few that this was the only answer for them, and they did it,” Crawley said. 

Adriyanna Hodge was one student who was able to earn her diploma a whole year ahead of schedule. Hodge, 17, plans to attend college to get her business degree and also obtain her cosmetology license. Her goal is to open her own business doing hair and to be able to expand her business across other states. 

Hodge transferred to Crossroads High School from Copperas Cove High School in November 2022 as a junior, with a graduation date originally of 2024. She said that Crossroads staff were very supportive and helpful as she worked out her graduation plan and worked towards the credits she needed in order to accelerate her graduation. 

“They have a lot of good teachers there to help you and guide you to where you need to be in order to graduate early,” Hodge said. “You can work at your own pace there. It’s self-paced because it’s online, and you get the chance to work at your own time, or if you have work, you can do it at home, you can do it at work, or you can download it on your phone or laptop. Anywhere you want to do it, you can get on there and finish.” 

Jasir Hayes, 17, transferred to Crossroads High School earlier this year in February. He first heard about Crossroads from his sister who had transferred during her sophomore year. 

“Cove High wasn’t really helping me, and I wasn’t really feeling like I fit in. I thought that Crossroads was the next best option, and I made the switch,” Hayes said. 

Upon switching to Crossroads, Hayes said he was welcomed warmly in the cafeteria by the staff at Crossroads, including Mrs. Sharon Whitis, who is the Crossroads High School secretary, and the school’s core teachers. 

Hayes plans to go to film school to become a filmmaker. 

“I love movies, and I have a really big passion for it, and I love how they’re made and the process of it,” he said. 

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