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Copperas Cove kid recognized as a Baskin-Robbins Pint-Sized Hero

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Romella Spitzer’s favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla bean, topped with the Magic Shell chocolate syrup.  Thanks to Baskin-Robbins and their Pint-Sized Heroes program, 10-year-old Spitzer will get to enjoy a year’s worth of free ice cream as a reward for her efforts to help Special Education students in Copperas Cove Independent School District. 
During her reign as the 2020 Preteen Miss Five Hills, Spitzer started the Chocolate Fantasia event in February 2021, which paired chocolates made by CCISD culinary arts students and artwork made by CCISD Special Education students for a fantastic event where guests could eat and walk through a pop-up art gallery. 
Ticket sales from the event totaled $1,300, and raffle ticket sales plus a $1,500 grant from the Fort Hood Thrift Shop brought the total amount raised to $3,407 to go toward the purchase of sensory equipment for the CCISD Special Education department. 
Spitzer’s older sister has autism, so Spitzer understood how important these sensory toys and equipment were for students with autism and other special needs. 
As a result of her efforts, Spitzer was one of 12 students statewide to be recognized with the Texas Student Hero Award in June 2021
The recognition didn’t stop there. Baskin-Robbins announced on August 16 that Spitzer was the 11th honoree of the Pint-Sized Heroes Program. 
The Pint-Sized Heroes Program was started in May 2020 as an initiative to recognize the great things that kids across the country are doing. 
“As the impact of COVID-19 grew, we saw a lot of inspiring stories of hope and happiness,” said Baskin-Robbins officials. “The majority of those stories focused on adults and their contributions to their communities; however, we also noticed an emerging trend of younger generations stepping up where they could. As a place where kids have always gathered to celebrate their achievements, we wanted to make a commitment to shining a bright light on the incredible efforts of Pint-Sized Heroes nationwide, to inspire others to do the same.”
A Pint-Sized Hero is a kid who doesn’t let their age stop them from making a positive impact. 
To help further the great work and add to the amazing contributions already made by each Pint-Sized Hero, the Baskin-Robbins Joy in Childhood Foundation is making a $5,000 donation in each hero’s name to a charity of their choice and treating them to a year of free ice cream. 
For Romella Spitzer, Baskin-Robbins Joy in Childhood Foundation will be donating $5,000 to Camp Periwinkle, which is a summer camp run by the Periwinkle Foundation, based in Houston, for children with cancer and their siblings.
As a Pint-Sized Hero, Spitzer will also receive a year’s worth of Baskin-Robbins ice cream, which is defined as the equivalent of a double scoop per week for one calendar year. 
Spitzer was happy to be recognized and especially happy about the free ice cream. She said she would share it with her brother and sister. 
Spitzer said she enjoyed seeing the smiles on the faces of the Special Education students. Her favorite part of the Chocolate Fantasia event was the chocolates and selecting the pieces of artwork to be displayed. 
“I’m really proud just that they were honored to select me,” Spitzer said. “I’m not really not that type of person who goes all out to do things but I really do still love it. Baskin Robbins is a really big corporation, and it just makes me really happy.”
Spitzer’s mother, Denise, said she was so proud of Romella. 
“It makes me proud as a parent, of course, that she goes the distance to open other people’s eyes in knowing that there is always a way to help someone else out,” Denise said. “It doesn’t matter, even if it’s during the pandemic, there’s always a way to help, and for this company to recognize these children who are going the extra mile, it makes me proud. It’s not all about being recognized, but it makes you feel good that there are other people and companies that do recognize and do showcase. They’re like, ‘Let’s get more people involved. Let’s do more.’ And I’m all about doing more.”
Pint-Sized Heroes winners are typically nominated by someone they know, but Baskin-Robbins shared with the Leader-Press that Romella’s story caught the brand’s attention all on its own. 
“I’m glad she was nominated- thank you for seeing her potential and that she does go the extra mile,” said Denise. “Just for the next person, there’s always a chance. Anybody can be a Pint-Sized Hero. Just give-you don’t always have to receive. Just keep giving.” 
People can nominate the Pint-Sized Heroes that they know at, and they can also support the program by donating to the Pint-Sized Heroes Fund at These donations received will be used to fund future grants from the Joy in Childhood Foundation for the Baskin-Robbins Pint-Sized Heroes program. 

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