Copperas Cove kicks off Farmer’s Market season downtown


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The Copperas Cove Farmer’s Market opened up for the season on Thursday at its new location at the corner of Ave D and S. 2nd Street in downtown Copperas Cove.

Although the season had a delayed start, Thursday’s Farmer’s Market was busier than most of the vendors had expected.

Safety recommendations for the farmer’s market included vendors setting up with at least 10 feet of space between each other, and hand sanitizer at each vendor’s table, as well as a rule against offering samples. Some vendors wore face masks, as did customers. 

Paul Carella set up his booth Paul’s Custom Works, featuring his handcrafted wood items such as birdhouses, wine racks and more, as well as flowerpots and prints painted by his wife, Kim. 

This is Carella’s second year at the Copperas Cove Farmer’s Market. He said that he hadn’t been sure if the Farmer’s Market would continue this year or not but was happy it did. 

“It’s been very busy today,” Carella said. “We’re very surprised at the outcome that people are coming out to see us.”

Wayne and Cam Baker, of Baker’s Farm out of Little River, set up their assortment of jellies and honey. This is their first time selling at the Copperas Cove Farmer’s Market. 

Wayne, a retired Army veteran, is the mastermind behind the 37 different jellies and jams, which have won several ribbons. 

Cam said that there was some concern about coming out to the market but ultimately, she was glad they made the decision. 

“It’s important especially in today’s environment, to get out,” Cam said. “We had to decide whether to do that but it’s so much fun to visit with people, and all farmer’s markets are like that.”

Cam added that the farmer’s markets are so important because they offer “a connection to community and to people.”

Across the parking lot, Candy and Harry Brasier of Things N Such were also selling jellies as well as pickles. 

They were excited to be able to be out and selling. 

“As vendors, this is the first time we’ve been able to come out and sell since March, so we are delighted beyond measure,” Candy said. “There’s still events we can’t go to, but we are so excited about the new location, because we were in the park, and this way we’ve got more people seeing us, we’ve got better parking, so I’m loving it.”

The Brasiers said they were surprised by the amount of people who had come out that evening but were grateful for the support. 

With the removal of offering samples due to COVID-19, Candy was worried about the effect that would have on sales. 

“Everybody at sales has a gimmick, and that’s my gimmick is if I can get you to taste, I can get you to buy it, so I was really concerned about that to be honest with you but we’ve done really well, surprisingly,” Candy said. 

Another struggle related to COVID-19 has been finding the necessary ingredients, she added. 

“It has been a fight, especially with my pickles,” Candy said. “We spend more time trying to shop for the ingredients than making it. It’s been rough.”

Candy said that she and her husband have been unemployed since March.

“So, when you’ve got a family of five and you go from four incomes to nothing, and you know, you can delay your car payment, but you can’t delay your electric, you can’t delay your water, you can’t delay your insurance on your car, so it’s been rough,” Candy said. “We came out to wheel and deal. I’m like,  some income is better than nothing, and as independent vendors, it’s hard. It’s real hard, so I am ready for everything to open up so I can go back to my normal life and my family can go back to it.”

The Farmer’s Market will be held downtown every Thursday, from 4-7 p.m., through October. 

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