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CCPD, Waffle Cone hold Cone With a Cop

Cove Leader-Press 

Many people only interact with law enforcement in stressful or negative situations, and Copperas Cove police officers sought to change that on Saturday with their first ever Cone with a Cop event at Waffle Cone. 
Officers sat and chatted with the younger members of our community while enjoying delicious ice cream, making for a fun, relaxed environment. During the event, the Waffle Cone provided free ice cream for children 12 and under.
Sergeant Kevin Miller said that they got the idea from their Coffee with a Cop event, but they felt they were missing the chance to interact with the kids. From that, they came up with the idea of doing a child-oriented event and came up with Cone with a Cop. 
“A lot of the times we’re out on calls, we don’t have time to sit there and talk to them, so that’s why we decided, hey let’s do an event just for kids,” said Miller. “A lot of times in the media, cops are portrayed in a bad light…This gives them a personal experience, so they can look back and say, I had a great experience with a cop.”
In addition to enjoying ice cream and chatting with the cops, the kids could also check out the officer’s patrol cars. They brought three different vehicles to the event. Parents could also have KIDDO Cards made for their children, card with important descriptive information about the children—such as height and weight—that can be used to identify a child if he or she goes missing.
“Community outreach is important,” said John Hayes, Waffle Cone co-owner. “Since we are just a small business and limited in what we can do, this fits what we can do.”
Hayes said that he thought the event was a great opportunity for the children and said that he thinks the KIDDO Cards are a great idea. He said he loves being a part of the community and giving back in ways that they can afford. Hayes said their venue is the perfect venue for allowing the kids to interact with the officers in a positive way.
“I think it’s fantastic. I think it’s a great way for the community to come together with their children in a good space in a good environment,” said Lacy Montgomery, who brought her children Lorelie (9), Gwendolen (8), Jozelen (7), and Pennelope Montgomery (4). “I feel like our police officers don’t get a lot of the community support that they need, and I think this is a great way for not even just the little kids, but the teens to come out and view police officers in an open, safe environment. I think it’s a great event. I think it’s perfect for these little ones.”
The children were excited to check out the police officer’s cars and talk to the officers.
“I want to be a K-9 cop and drive that police car,” said Lorelie Montgomery, pointing to one of the vehicles.
Zane Sherman (9) said that he wants to become a cop to “help others”. He added that he liked getting to talk to all of the officers.
Amber Sherman, Zane’s mother, brought six out of her seven children to the event.
“We did Coffee with a Cop too…They love it,” said Amber Sherman. “Especially having so many children on the autism spectrum, I want them to be comfortable around police officers. Activities like this help…It really does because they get used to them in a friendly environment. And if it ever comes down to the point of a not friendly environment, and they’re scared and frightened, the police officers will be familiar.”

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