Businesses, family band together to decorate Scribner residence just in time for Christmas


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Christmas is a special time of year and, for many, getting to look at the festive Christmas decorations is one of the best parts.

Since Christmas of 1987, the house on 2314 Veterans Ave. has been a must-see house for the holidays. 

Every year since 1987, the Scribner family pulls out all the bells and whistles to decorate their home for both Halloween and Christmas.

Unfortunately, Ted Scribner, and his wife, Jot Scribner, were unable to decorate this year. Ted Scriber recently suffered three strokes. His wife said that it’s a miracle that her husband is still here.

“I would have tried my best to do it forever,” said Ted Scribner. “At least two generations have come to see the decorations.”

Scribner talked about how they would let children carefully move around the yard so they could get an up-close look at the decorations, many of which were hand-made wooden props made by Scribner himself. Scribner, an Army veteran, said that due to his health, they had made the decision that they would be unable to put up decorations this year. His wife, Jot Scribner, was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. To their surprise, Dale Hull with RNC Construction, volunteered to put a team together to help decorate their house for free.

“It was really surprising, especially to have a businessman say that and say that he could get the help. That’s really quite good,” said Ted Scriber. “We’re very thankful that he’s doing what he’s doing.”

Dale Hull, Project Manager and Supervisor for RNC Construction, said that after seeing the lack of decorations and hearing the Scribner’s story, he was determined to get a team together to decorate the Scribner’s house for free.

“I’ve been coming by here my whole life looking at these lights,” said Hull. “I just want my kids to be able to see the lights like I did as a kid…All the locals know about this house.”

Hull managed to get several businesses to volunteer their employees to make the house decorating project a reality. 

The decorating was made possible through volunteers from RNC Construction (co-owners David Hull and Alan Procter), Cedar View Homes (owned by Cham Savage), and Crawford-Bowers Funeral Home (Keith Turner runs the Central Texas area). 

Each business actually paid some of their workers to come out to the house to help string lights, set up props and lights, and make sure the house would be as gorgeous as ever. Others, like Dale Hull, volunteered their time. William Gibson, who lives nearby, also volunteered to help. Jeff Scribner, the Scribner’s son, also pitched in.

Jot Scribner watched, directed, and helped the volunteers as they set up.

“This means a lot to us. It really does,” said Jot Scriber getting emotional. “What these people are doing is very special.”

Before long, the house was fully decorated. The Scribners said that hundreds of families usually come to check out their house, and they were glad that families would be able to see the decorations again this year thanks to the kind volunteers. 

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