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The Norns holds first marketplace event


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For those interested in something a little outside the norm—something more metaphysical, The Norns by The Witches Closet was the place to be this Saturday

From noon until 5 p.m., The Norns held their first Metaphysical Market. Store owners David and Brittany Weimert hope they will be able to hold a marketplace event once a month, though they plan to hold future events on a Sunday.

Saturday’s market had 23 different vendors though they have a maximum capacity of 30 vendors. Each of the vendors offered a variety of fun items from jewelry, to crochet items, to crystals and stones, hand burnt carvings, and a lot more.

David Weimert said that the marketplace is a great way to gather like-minded individuals as well as supporting other local businesses.

“We make sure that each one of our vendors is local and their stuff is handmade,” said Weimert. “We like the community that the market builds. The guy that was running them out of Killeen sent out a mass email that he is no longer doing them, so we wanted to pick up that torch and keep it going and give all these vendors a place to go.”

Christina Benson, owner of Daughters of Brigid, spins her own yarn which attracted many to check out her table. She also sells knitted and crocheted items, dye, scarves, soaps, and more. She said that David and Brittany Weimert had encouraged her to run her booth at the market and that she was glad that she had decided to come.

“It’s been pretty good. We’ve had a lot of people stop by,” said Benson. “They are interested in the spinning.”

Benson added that she also liked seeing some of the other vendors. “They’re all very interesting in their own ways. I like the variety.”

Courtney Adcock, along with Peggy and Justin Armold ran a vendor booth called, The Blue Moon. They sold hand-made candles, bath salts, potion bottles, moon water, and more.

“Basically, we’re a witchcraft small business,” said Adcock. “We just wanted to have a shop that was affordable for everybody.”

“The atmosphere is amazing,” added Justin Armold. “We love crafting ourselves and the opportunity to get to share our crafts with others is very exciting.”

Jennifer Duke and Andi O’Neal had fun checking out the variety of vendors.

“It’s really cute,” said Duke. “I found a lot of stuff. I found stuff that I probably shouldn’t have bought like rocks,” she said while laughing.

“I’m really happy to find a place like this where I can come to find stuff like this,” said O’Neal. “I think there isn’t anything else like this in the area without driving to Austin…I think it’s awesome that they are doing this because I can find more people and make more friends.”

The Norns by The Witches Closet was a long time in the making. Weimert said that his wife, Brittany Weimert, and he started their business as the Witches Closet on their own property in 2017. Weimert joked that it really did look like a witch’s closet back then. In December 2020, Brittany opened Celestial Sisters Gifts in Waco. Last November, David finally took the leap himself by opening up The Norns in town. He said that it’s important to him to stick to their foundation of supporting local people. Their shop stocks a variety of products, and, if you are looking for something that they do not currently stock, they will see if they can find it. They currently sell incense, sages, crystals, stones, teas, and more, and are open seven days a week.

“For me it’s about community, point blank,” said Weimert. “When I come to my shop, we have people that come in not to shop, and that doesn’t hurt my feelings at all. We have people that just come to see us and talk to us...We have people who say it’s like a safe zone for them or a place for them to get away or refresh.”

The Norns plans to have their next Metaphysical Market on Sunday October 23.

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