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SCA hosts crafting event at library

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Medieval enthusiasts were able to learn and participate in pounding aluminum into armor, sewing clothing items, twisting wires into jewelry, and more at the SCA’s monthly event. The Society of Creative Anachronism, or SCA, is a medieval renaissance recreation group. The group held its monthly medieval class in the Copperas Cove Public Library’s meeting room Wednesday from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. This month’s class featured a variety of crafting activities mostly centered around crafting loaner armor, or armor that can be worn by new SCA members until they can either craft or purchase their own. Other activities included crafting simple wire jewelry and working on individual projects. “It’s a bring whatever you’ve got event,” said Veronica Pigg (known in the SCA as Izza). “If you don’t have a project, that’s why we brought some things.” Outside of the library, those who wanted could take a turn hammering out the provided aluminum to craft knee cops, or armor to cover and protect the knee. “We’re using recycled old stop sign material. Actually, street signs make pretty good armor. They wear out were the bolts go in, but the rest of the metal is just fine,” said Kevin Marsh (known in the SCA as Sir Maelgwyn Dda) who emphasized that they bought the old street signs. “It’s a good material to use to learn to form metal because it moves so nicely. Stainless steel, by contrast, laughs at you when you hit it with a hammer. It flexes and bounces right back.” Kevin Marsh helped lead the crafting of the knee cops using a process known as dishing. He said that since it was loaner gear, it didn’t need to look as nice, so it provided a good learning opportunity to those who wanted to learn how to make them or practice their armor making skills. Inside the library, one of the most popular crafts was the sewing of the gamboised cuisses, or padded leggings. The leggings go beneath the armor to give added protection and to help cushion blows received during combat. Madisyn Pigg (12) was excited to sew the gamboised cuisses because she said she had gotten a sewing machine for her birthday and thought Wednesday’s event would be a good opportunity to use it. They began work on the leggings by measuring and cutting the patterned cloth and batting for the leggings then proceeded to sew them together. Anyone who wanted could help with the crafting process, and those who had no experience sewing were able to learn from the more experienced members of the SCA. Typically, some SCA members would prefer to hand-sew the materials, but, since they were trying to craft loaner gear, they used sewing machines to speed up the process. Participants also had the opportunity to craft simple Saxon rings from aluminum wires. They were shown how to twist the wires into simple designs and how to include beads or other decorations should they desire. The rings crafted at Wednesday’s event were made using a simple design because the group wanted to be able to quickly craft the rings, so they will be able to give the trinkets away at the upcoming Geek- Fest. “It seems really cool,” said Rachel Guidry. Wednesday’s event was her first experience with the medieval group. “I’m definitely interested.” The SCA is a medieval renaissance recreation group that works to recreate what they feel are the best aspects of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Activities include, but are not limited to, sewing, armored and rapier combat, cooking, brewing, metal work, and cooking. The SCA is a social organization that allows members to grow relationships with others who share the same interests. “It’s cool. I’ve looked into heavy fighting and sewing,” said Madisyn Pigg, one of the younger members of the SCA. “I’ve been watching, and it’s very interesting.” “I think it’s a really good opportunity to blow off steam—a healthy and creative way,” said Bryan Rodriguez about being in the SCA and engaging in armored combat with other members of the group. “There’s just something about getting the daily frustrations out in a controlled way.” Those interested in joining the SCA are welcome to come to one of the group’s meetings. The group meets at 7 p.m. every Thursday in Harker Heights at Carl Levin Park. They also meet at the Copperas Cove Library every third Wednesday of the month at 8 p.m.

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