CCISD students get historical view of 19th century Waco


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CCISD 5th grade gifted education students got a blast from the past and were transported in time to the early 19th century in Waco.

Students actually took the trip on a CCISD school bus as part of their work on Texas Performance Standards Projects which provide enhanced academic opportunities for gifted education students. Fifth graders visited the Historic Waco Foundation and two of the houses, East Terrace and McCulloch, where they experienced an interactive tour of each historic house, a short lecture and hands-on activities.

They also learned to identify the features and elements of architecture, mainly Victorian and Italianate. Students learned about what daily life was like during the 19th century.

“It was nice to see how we have advanced with our technologies like making a few bricks by hand each day to making thousands in a factory each day,” student Emmett Harrell said.

Students had the opportunity to tour the houses and learn about the history of each one. While touring the houses they also learned to identify the features and elements of architecture used in the houses. Students learned about the different styles of Victorian and Italianate architecture.

“There were many different styles of architecture and going to the houses was like going back in time,” student Zechar Jose said.

While visiting the East Terrace house, students met with Julie Olivere, the director of marketing and programs. The students listened to Olivere’s presentation about the different features of architecture used during that time. She provided the students with many visuals and allowed them to participate in a matching game using features from the houses. Students were asked to construct their own house using several of the features and styles they learned about.

  1. the McCulloch House, students met with Paige Davis, the curator of the Historic Waco Foundation. After learning the history of the house and the family, they were able to examine several old artifacts and use their own inferencing skills to try and determine what the artifact was and what it might be used for.

”It was a great learning experience,” student Steven Castillo said. “I learned about Texas history as well as Waco history.”

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