COURTESY PHOTO - Clements/Parsons Elementary third graders Tristan Chandler and Haun Tran collaborate on an assignment in class using Schoology, CCISD’s new learning management system that allows parents to get more involved in a student’s daily lessons in the classroom.

CCISD adopts new learning management system

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The days of pencil and paper have long been pushed to the side with technology as the driving force in the classroom. Students and staff at Copperas Cove ISD began utilizing a new learning management system this year called Schoology. It allows schools to communicate with parents through mass messages that are secure and it allows students to work on their assignments, get additional tutoring and provides additional resources to ensure a student’s success academically. 
Clements/Parsons Elementary students began utilizing Schoology in the classroom at the beginning of the school year. The learning platform reduces the amount of waste in the classroom because students can login in and find any worksheets or informational papers already uploaded such as vocabulary, assigned work, and additional work for those students wishing to work ahead of the classroom pace. For student Kortney Long, it also reduces physical demands. 
“Online work is better than paper work,” the third grader said. “Our hands don’t hurt when we write.”
However, Schoology requires that the elementary students develop their typing skills long before reaching secondary education. Student Micah Smith said he enjoys some parts of Schoology, but the typing gets frustrating. 
“The more I use it, the more I like it,” Smith said. “Technology is confusing at times.”
It also saves the school district staff time and money because copies for student distribution are not having to constantly be made. 
With two six-week grading periods behind them, how are the students’ grades affected by using the high-tech learning system? 
Teacher Rebecca Davis said Schoology provides a connection for parents and students to access resources and stay connected to the classroom from anywhere.
“Students with accommodations such as having the assignment read to them have the independence now to have the questions read and reread as needed because they are in control of their instruction,” Davis said. “These students no longer have to sit at the teacher’s desk to have their individual needs met.”
Davis said the differences she sees is the connection to the classroom with both parents and students.
“Students are spending more time at home using Schoology to complete assignments, practice assignments or expand their learning experience,” Davis said. “Students are participating in discussion with each other at school and at home about what they are learning in school.”
All CCISD schools offer free training to parents to get them signed up on Schoology and provide training on how to use the program. 
Interested parents should contact their child’s school.

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