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Hettie Halstead Elementary enjoys back-to-back wins of Fort Cavazos Recycle Bowl


Special to the Leader-Press 


Hettie Halstead Elementary has a reputation to uphold when it comes to the annual Fort Cavazos Recycle Bowl. 

Having won the competition five of the last six years, the student council had its eyes on the prize as members collected pounds of recycled materials each week from classrooms and staff offices.  

“All of the classes gave great effort to help win the recycle bowl,” said student council adviser and school interventionist Christina Newberry. “They learned that recycling is important to be able to repurpose material and keep it out of landfills. This project also helped bring awareness campus-wide regarding materials that are appropriate to recycle and materials that are not appropriate to recycle. Students also learned to work together to achieve a common goal for the good of the campus and environment. “ 

Interventionists Sarah Schoonover and Heather Holden also serve as advisers for the student council and assisted in the effort. Ultimately, the student council members on the small campus of 400 students collected nearly 1,740 pounds of recycled materials and won the competition again this year.

“It was fun going to all of the classes and seeing how much they had for us and having to organize it was exciting,” student council treasurer Zoey Hogan said. “It helped teach the students that recycling helps the environment because we are setting these things aside to be reused instead of making more and more.”  

Fairview/Miss Jewell Elementary Student Council members participated in the challenge for the first time this year and were determined to give Halstead some competition for first place.

“Students emptied classroom and office recycling bins every Friday,” student council adviser Teresa Gorres said. “Students have learned responsibility, leadership, and service. Most importantly, they have learned that their service to the school and community also has an impact in the communities around us. They have learned that one small deed done every Friday has led to a huge impact in Central Texas.”

Fairview/Miss Jewell Elementary student council members collected 1,081 pounds of recyclables and captured second place in this year’s recycle bowl.

“It was nice helping out the school and others in need,” fifth grader LaVincent Sims said. “Recycling is easy, and anyone can do it. I have learned to recycle more and that it really isn’t hard to do. It has made me more aware when I throw away my water bottles at the end of the day. I now recycle them instead.”

CCISD schools have placed in the top three in the Fort Cavazos Recycle Bowl every year since the campaign’s inception.

“Recycling really made me think about others. It has shown me that we all can make a difference in our environment by recycling,” fourth grader Amelia Grant said. “I already recycle at home and will continue to recycle.”

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