Tough guy attitude: ‘Ain’t gonna hurt none of me’

By Willis Webb


Being raised in a small town where most people didn’t have much, forced many to scrape and scramble to make a living. Pride in supporting yourself and your family was a strong motivation for mostfolks I knew in my  growing up years. Standing on your own two feet was the mantra of that period I am inclined to describe as “hard-scrabble” times. This promoted an attitude, from childhood on, of “Don’t mess with me. I’m the Lone Ranger and I can take care of me and Tonto.” Perhaps that’s a poor example since Tonto often took care of the Lone Ranger, but I digress. Withstanding pain was a big test for kids growing up. We allowed ourselves to be subjected to physically painful tests to show not only that we could, for instance, handle a hard punch to the upper arm, but also that we possessed a desired attitude of mental toughness.
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