Testing the resolution

Darren Blair | Shop the Insanity

As I type this, it’s about 5 minutes until an auction I have up on E-Bay ends. Yes, I’m unloading a few things on E-Bay, and there’s more to come. In this case, I do have a bid on it, so it’s going to sell. I just have to wait for the auction to officially end and E-Bay to e-mail me the paperwork I need to pack it and ship it. With any luck, I’ll be able to hit the post office first thing in the morning. 
Yes folks, I’ve been trying to move things for a while now. I was trying to use Half.com to clear out a bunch of movies, books, and CDs I no longer wanted, but sales began to taper off over the years until finally I was just barely selling anything. When E-Bay decided to go ahead and end Half.com as a separate service, I missed the transition period to automatically have my items listed on E-Bay (remember the conked-out freezer? That was the weekend I’d have needed to approve the transition and so I missed it). 
So now, I’m slowly but surely attempting to re-list everything. One new item up a day, most days each week. What doesn’t sell will be gone through at length this summer ahead of a potential garage sale, one in which perhaps other items will be sold as well. 
One, this will get items out of the house that are no longer wanted or needed as the case may be. Some of the items are duplicates I’ve somehow come into (such as gifts from people who didn’t know I already had the items), while others are items I viewed and simply didn’t like. This will help get rid of clutter around the house and perhaps allow room for other items to be stored and displayed in a better fashion. 
Two, yes, this will be a little bit of extra money. I think we can all agree that a little bit of extra money is a nice thing to have. Plus, it’ll be some more I can invest into future “retro” reviews, so there’s that. 
There’s a lot of things I mean to get done this year, and at least in the short term this is the big one. Note that I’m not referring to any of these as “resolutions”, just like I’m waiting until February to bring it up. I think by now everyone knows how infamously often New Year’s Resolutions, as a whole, get broken. 
That being said – how is everyone else doing on their resolutions? Did anyone here even make any? If you did, are you even close to meeting them? Or will what you made fall by the wayside as well? 
Just something to think about.
This one’s breaking as I’m writing this. 
Remember how I said that the live-action “Barbie” adaptation was due out in August? 
Well, it’s been pushed back by two… *years*. The new target release date is in 2020. Don’t believe me? Here’s Variety: http://variety.com/2018/film/news/sony-anne-hathaway-barbie-2020-1202674...
I can only imagine why the film would be pushed back such a massive length of time, especially when it was so close to the release date. All I can think of is that something went so catastrophically wrong behind the scenes that they’re effectively having to start from scratch. Even then, the new release date puts it in the wake of “Deadpool 3”, raising questions about the film’s chances even if it does finally drop. Stay tuned for details. 

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