Stuff kids do

By Lynette Sowell


The old saying, “Kids say the darndest things,” ought to also include the phrase “and do.” I was reminded of this when hearing the recent news report of a five year old girl being stuck inside a washing machine on high speed at a Pasadena, Texas laundromat. It turns out, the little girl and her friend were there with their mothers, and the friend locked her in the washing machine. The little tyke is fortunate to be alive. The stuff kids do boggles my mind sometimes. But, it really shouldn’t. Antics like that run in the family. My husband and his younger brother Eddie, 18 months his junior, used to get into all kinds crazy stuff when they were little. Like the time they were playing hide ‘n seek with their other brother Brian, who was a few years yuonger than both of them. They told Brian the dryer would be a GREAT hiding place.
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