Stories that stick with me

My front porch
Lynette Sowell
Every year the LeaderPress publishes 104 issues that contain news about all kinds of things in the community. Hundreds of stories about people and things and ideas, big and small. The thing I remind myself about the news is that when writing about the news, my feelings don’t matter. It’s also not my job to tell readers how they should feel about the news. That is entirely up to them.
That said, I thought I’d use my little corner of ink here to name a few of the stories that will stick with me into 2017 and why, in no particular order. I was going for a Top 10 list, but there’s not enough space and time for me to think back month by month.
 Cuban Corner food truck. Juan Diago and Ileana Abascal impressed me with their tenacity and drive to pursue their passion. They fed me a delicious Cuban sandwich while Juan Diago told me about life in Cuba, why they came to the United States 16 years ago, and why the United States is still the greatest country in the world. I visited with the Abascals two weeks after the Nov. 8 election and I was feeling rather raggedy, probably like many of you, after the months and years of political bickering and all. Juan Diago’s story buoyed my spirits. I wish Juan Diago and Ileana well and I hope the community continues to welcome them.

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