Rain can be a pain..sometimes

Now that I’ve made every farmer and rancher in 20 counties mad, let me explain.
Here it is again, the merry month of May... that time of year when it’s going to be wet, oftentimes on the weekend, when a lot of events, sporting and otherwise, are scheduled.  You can ask my wife if I’m not closely checking the TV weather forecasts starting about Monday of each week, to see if we’ll get to go racing in Elm Mott on Friday, or be sitting at home, saying words that can’t be repeated here, simply because the wet stuff so often rears its head on weekends.  I once asked former KOOV colleague Mike Clay, a former Dawg football player, who’s now the chief meteorologist at Bay News 9 in Tampa FL why weekends seem to be so susceptible to rain. Mike said to text mother nature and ask her.  Smart aleck. 
After 39 years of covering Bulldawg sports and 21 seasons in the dirt track racing game, I still get aggravated and complain if we have to shutter our venues because of a rainout.  I should know better, ya think?
Mother Nature doesn’t care if I’m upset.
Case one:  The Bulldawg 7-on-7 team was scheduled to compete Saturday in a state qualifier tournament at Lake Travis.  Placing in the top two in one of those automatically punches your ticket to the state clambake later on in the summer.  Cove is expected to be a handful for other teams to deal with and had a good chance at honors.   
Result: rained out.
Case two:  Cotton Bowl Speedway in Paige, a fine place to race and watch racing.
Result: rained out.
At least, Heart O’Texas Speedway, Kennedale Speedway Park and 281 Speedway in Stephenville, after edgily watching the radar, got their race cards in, so the weekend wasn’t a total loss.  In Copperas Cove, it’s a foregone conclusion there will be rain on Rabbit Fest weekend and the odds makers weren’t disappointed.  It was just a little bit, but enough to continue the string.
What’s the point of all this?  I’m just lamenting something we should all be used to.  One thing’s for sure, though.
Mother Nature doesn’t care.
Go Dawgs!

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