The Big Un’ is begging for help again

Cup o Joe | Big Joe Lombardi

Well, here we are on tax day once more and since I owe money to my favorite uncle, again, that has put me in a complaining mood..again.
Nope, not going to gripe about paying my fair share, but there is a small issue, for me, anyway, involving our local diamond games.  Want to know what it is?
All too often, you can’t read the lineup cards.
These small missives are what we announcers use to introduce batters coming up, or when a player subs in for any reason.  Usually, the announcer will get the pink, or bottom and faintest copy, which he or she, has to use when working out name pronunciations, or add first names, which are sometimes omitted. Believe me, you better get those names right, or an irate parent will be in the press box to straighten you out, or someone will scream at you from the stands. It’s happened to me more than once and is not a pleasant experience.
Let me say that the Copperas Cove baseball and softball coaches furnish us with typed-up starters and roster member lists, as do a number of the other teams we compete against, but there are others I really wish would do so.
Meantime, we will continue to try and visit with each coach before game time to get things right in order to give each kid their due.  That’s our job.
But, we could use a little help. Thanks.
Go Dawgs!

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