This announcer is begging for help over here

Joe Lombardi | Cup o' Joe

“Can you read this kid’s number?”, I ask in anguish.
“No.” replies another press box worker. “Looks like..maybe...
So, an athlete coming to bat doesn’t get announced, simply because your game’t tell who he or she is.  Some will say..”Joe, why don’t you keep a list of who’s coming up next?  My answer..I shouldn’t have to.
This is something I’ve griped about before and it seems to be rearing up again. The culprit once more is what I call “hideout” jerseys, where, in some cases, not all now, but if a team is wearing white tops, the number is barely outlined in colored thread, or maybe part or all of the player’s number blends with other decorative jersey features.
I don’t see a thing wrong with following the NCAA’s edict, which trickled down to the University Interscholastic League, outlawing the use of football jerseys designed in that manner.  Why can’t other sports be dealt with likewise?  You may even say “Look out. Lombardi wants fashion police in high school athletics.”
Not true.  Lombardi just wants to be able to see who he’s supposed to announce as they approach the batter’s box.  That’s all.  Anything else is not fair to the child who has worked his or her behind off in practice all week to earn their shot at home plate.  
It’s also not fair to game announcers and I’m speaking for all of us around the area, who believe in giving our very best for the kids..after all, the game is about them, isn’t it? 
Hopefully, this voice in the wilderness will be heard by those who need to hear it.
Go Dawgs!

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