And...they’re off!

By Lynette Sowell


Ladies ‘n gents, it looks like we have ourselves a horserace for city council, with three eager and willing candidates for city council place 5. I’m calling it a horserace, and I’ll try to let the equine terms lapse and refrain from calling anyone a filly, mare, stallion or gelding. Can’t be too careful with those political types, you know—just kidding. When typically there is a dearth of candidates locally, having three jumping into the race for one spot is a good thing. (There, Mr. Laubach, I used the word “dearth,” something I dusted off from Senior Lit. vocabulary.) Let me tell you about dearth
(rhymes with worth): some synonyms are lack, scarcity, shortage, shortfall, want, deficiency, insufficiency, inadequacy, paucity, sparseness, scantiness, rareness. I call it a dearth when no one runs against an incumbant.
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