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One month in, off-campus learning has students in daily routine

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Shannoda Gilbert rolls her students out of bed bright and early as she would on any regular school day. With four children ranging from elementary through high school, Gilbert keeps her children in a routine with school work being the top priority. The only difference is that Gilbert is now present for every lesson her children complete while sitting in class in their home living room.

Schools across the state closed their campuses to students following Spring Break due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Copperas Cove ISD was ready and began sending out school assignments to students via academic packet and Schoology the following Tuesday, March 17. Now a month into the off-campus instruction, families say they have entered into a routine to keep their students on task.  

“The off-campus academic support that CCISD is providing to students is remarkable. I have four students in different schools and I was worried at first because now I have to fill the role of teacher to four different students in four different grades and they are at four different schools. I felt overwhelmed,” Gilbert said. “But, I reached out to my children’s teachers at CCISD and they gave me so much support and provided information to get my students up and running on Schoology.”

Schoology is the school district’s online learning platform. CCISD has provided students with laptops and free internet hot spots. Students are still able to pick up paper academic packets at their students’ home campuses.  

Fairview/Miss Jewell Elementary parent Nancy Marrow said credit has to also be given to the children who have adapted to the changes caused by the pandemic.

“I believe all of our children are the real rock stars in all of this because I don't believe they quite understand the depths of what all is going on right now. All they know is that their ‘normal’ has been take away.” Marrow said. “They don't get to see all their friends or teachers and are now forced to learn in a whole new environment.

“Off-campus learning at my house is nowhere near the structure that the school provides for all of our babies, but they are still able to learn. This is a very trying time for all of us. But, CCISD has definitely stepped up to the plate and done its part and I am thankful for all the support that my family has received."

Williams/Ledger Elementary parent Chandra Spitzer said her two children are doing the best they can with their school work.

“I believe the hardest part of this quarantine has been the social distancing from their teachers and friends like most other children their age,” Spitzer said. “It comes down to everyone in our home remembering to breath and we each need to take a break for each at least 10 minutes a day to reflect on what is happening in the world around us.”

Gilbert has since agreed to add one more child to her household due to the parent of the child deploying.

“I’m just thankful that CCISD had a plan in place so that its students could continue their education without any problems,” Gilbert said.


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