Super Bowl 2018

On the Sidelines | Dr. Jack Welch

In my opinion, the 2018 Super Bowl was one of best games ever played.  The game was exciting.  From start to finish, the game and halftime show was full of energy.  
One of the most unforgettable Super Bowls in history saw a Patriots fourth-quarter comeback. It was the Eagles in the end though scoring the decisive touchdowns, scored a field goal, and came up with a big sack of Tom Brady to win the game. The game was not decided to the very end.  A late Hail Mary attempt by Brady came up short, and the Eagles won 41-33.   
Nick Foles was almost perfect.  A backup quarterback that played like an All-Pro.  Nick was dead on with his passes and operated the offense like a general leading his troops in war.  He was cool, calm and played his best game ever.    
Then there was Tom Brady.  The old man threw for over 500 yards in the loss.  I think everyone wondered to the very end if the magician quarterback would pull out another last minute win.
Then there was an extraordinary halftime show.  Whether or not you like Justin Timberlake and his music, I believe you have to admit he was full energy.  From the start to the finish of the halftime performance, Justin was working the crowd.  In an unprecedented move he finished his performance by joining the people in the bleachers.  He even took selfies with the crowd.
Fresh off his new album release, Man of the Woods, Justin took to the field for his Super Bowl LII halftime show with a smile, superb dance moves and his flawless voice intact. Timberlake is a terrific showman and this was a great 12-minute showcase of all his talents.
In a year when the NFL ratings have gone sour because of some players kneeling during the national anthem, it was great to have such a good Super Bowl to finish the season.  It just seemed like everything went well.  The game went right down to the wire and players were making great plays.
The official parade in Philly for the 41-33 triumph over the New England Patriots isn’t until February 8.   Although Philly will be celebrating there is certainly one element of Super Bowl LII that was not considered a winner, the ratings.  The watching viewers were down 7% from last year’s game. The 2018 Super Bowl had the worst ratings since 2009 when the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Arizona Cardinals 27-23.  
If I have one critique, it would be to have better broadcasters.  Chris Collingsworth is a second guesser.  He second guessed coaches from both teams, said the officials were wrong on several calls and questioned players when they made mistakes.  
I do not care for second guessers.  It is always easier to know what to do when the play is over.  It is easier to say what a player or coach should have done after the fact.  If you are like me, his squealy voice gets on my nerves.  He needs to be replaced.  Hire Troy Aikman.
Thought for the week, “Our goal was to win, to win a Super Bowl, but also to win in the right way, to be role models to our community, to represent Indianapolis, the state of Indiana and the National Football League.” Tony Dungy 

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