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Jack Welch On the Sidelines


t was a tough week for many teams throughout America.  Just ask Baylor, Texas and A&M.  Baylor and Texas are under the reins of two first year head coaches.  Many fans think the winning edge is to hire a certain coach and the team will automatically win, regardless of talent.  Coach Herman and Sumlin were big winners at Houston and Rhule at Temple, consequently they should be big winners at more prestigious colleges.

Hogwash.  That is not the way it works.  Coach Sumlin needs more time.  Things happen that are not under the control of the coach. Yes, they are proven to be winners, so give them time at their current colleges. 

Did you read where an A&M board of regent went public with his displeasure and dislike for the coach?  In my opinion, the regent should be kicked off the board for his unprofessional statement.  Coach Sumlin was professional in accepting the loss but the regent demonstrated his philistinism and empty headedness by making such a statement.  The improper and unprincipled regents’statement should not be ignored by the A&M board.

Coach Sumlin is well aware of the expectations and it is a shame for a board of regent to air his thoughts on Facebook.  In my opinion, this was an immature, unprofessional and inexcusable way of dealing with personnel.  The regent has disrupted the players and is trying to cause dissention.  

Texas, Baylor and A&M were expected to win against teams not thought to be at their level.  Why are colleges receiving so much pressure to win?  Colleges spend lots of money on facilities, recruiting and coaching staffs.  Expectations are to produce winners.

Unlike college pressure, high school athletics are aimed at providing good, solid programs.  Some of the best programs struggle in the win-loss column.  High schools cannot recruit their talent and must play what their school is able to provide.  

The Dawgs took on perennial power A&M Consolidated last Friday.  Consolidated is expected to go deep in the playoffs. The Tigers defeated the Dawgs 34-14.  

The score was not indicative of the close game between the two teams.  The Dawg defense showed signs of vast improvement and the offense showed signs of great potential against a very strong team.  The non-district schedule of the Dawgs is not an easy route to district play but I do believe it is a route that will show the boys what level it takes to play championship football.   

Many fans and supporters do not understand the talent of an opponent or the building process a team is going through. Consequently, fans can show signs of being disgruntled and restless.  Reading some of their comments, you would think Baylor, A&M and Texas are ready to implode or disintegrate.  

After a tough defeat, a coach might expect their team to be down and feeling sorry for themselves.  Just watch what happens the next few weeks at Baylor, Texas and A&M.  I bet all teams will improve greatly and will surprise some other teams.

In Dawg land, surprisingly and thankfully, I found the ‘Dawgs were ready to get prepared for our next contest. The practice preparation for UNAL proved to be high energy around the Dawg football facilities. The coaches were upbeat and positive while the players were enthusiastically giving their all in drills. There was a lot of positive communication going on.  Despite the potentially calamitous situation that many people think teams go through after a loss that was not the case for the Dawgs. 

In Dawg country, we get ready for the next opponent regardless of the previous game outcome.  It takes guts and backbone to persevere after a loss.  On the other hand, it takes poise and maturity to strive to improve after a win.  We do not like to be defeated but instead of getting bitter, we choose to get better.   

Thought for the week, “One thing about championship teams is that they’re resilient. No matter what is thrown at them, no matter how deep the hole, they find a way to bounce back and overcome adversity.”   Nick Saban

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