Have a full playoff system

On the Sidelines | Dr. Jack Welch

Rather than arguing about who makes the College Football Playoff, why not let them all in?  The current system, in my opinion, is a crooked system weighted toward the richest and largest fan base schools.  Just allow everyone, all 128 teams, into the playoffs.
A 128-team playoff could transpire in December and January.  Then the national championship game could be the weekend before the Super Bowl.  Why couldn’t this happen?  It is better than the current system of a handful of the richest colleges with large fan bases being the chosen few. 
Opponents might say this idea of thought would make the regular season meaningless and rivalry games would lose their intensity. On the other hand, with the current system one loss can destroy your chances of a national championship. Consequently, the regular season is already meaningless. Anytime an undefeated team is not given a chance to play for the national championship there is a flaw.   
Opponents to a playoff system say this would make the season too lengthy.  An eight team playoff would extend the season three weeks. Twelve and sixteen team playoffs would extend the season four weeks. A twenty four team play off would extend the season five weeks. There is a simple answer.  Shorten the regular season to ten games. This would cut out some meaningless games and give everyone an opportunity. 
If the regular season was ten games, then it would easily allow room for a playoff system.  The three weeks of an eight team playoff would correspond to a twelve week season plus bowl game. Twelve and sixteen team playoffs only add one week. While a twenty four team play off adds only two weeks. 
Currently, the FCS (24 teams) and NCAA Division II (28 teams) finish their playoff games before the bowl season. This still allows bowl games.  So, the argument of lengthening the season is negated.
Proponents of a playoff system contend this is the only fair way to determine a national champion. The current four team method is subjective, profit-motivated, and could leave the best teams out of the championship game. This leaves doubt if a worthy team was not allowed to compete for the national championship.
Fans feel the teams selected to play for the national championship are not always the two best teams. The University of Utah (in 2004 and 2008) and Boise State University (in 2006) were excluded from the national championship game despite being undefeated while teams with one or more losses played for the national title.  The argument from the committee making the decision on which teams play argue the strength of schedule. 
Stop the hogwash.  Stop guessing which team should be in the playoffs.  A playoff system is in the best interest of the athletes, fans, and sponsors.  Put all of them in the playoffs and let the chips fall where they may.  
In reality, I am not for all 128 teams to be in the playoffs but I do believe the same number of teams allowed in either the FCS (24 teams) or D-2 playoff system (28 teams) be allowed to compete for the national title.  
Thought for the week, “You put in the work, you should get to the playoffs.”  Jason Pierre-Paul 

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