Project Graduation spends holiday time wrapping gifts

Project Graduation volunteers expertly wrapped boxes, packages, and other goodies in brightly colored paper with vibrant bows, hoping to make the gifts looks as enticing as possible.
The Project Graduation Foundation for CCHS held their annual gift wrapping fundraiser at the Copperas Cove Walmart on the days leading up to Christmas. Volunteers wrapped gifts on the 15-17 and the 21-24 with the hopes of raising as much money as they could. Doing their part in helping, Walmart donated some of the wrapping paper used at the fundraiser.
“It was just convenient,” said Erika Ramos who had volunteers wrap gifts for her son. “I was like, ‘How am I going to get this in the house without [my son] seeing this?’ Now he won’t know what’s in it. This was perfect.”
Money raised at the gift wrapping will go directly toward Project Graduation for seniors graduating in 2018. Project Graduation seeks to provide teenagers with a safe, alcohol-free and drug-free party for their graduation night. Statistically, graduation night is one of the deadliest due to drinking and driving.
“Our daughter is a senior, and we helped out with the program when my son was a senior. We just really like the whole purpose of Project Graduation—keeping kids off the street and safe for the night,” said Shawn Garris. Garris, along with his wife, Melissa Garris, and their daughter Rebekah Garris, donated their time and energy wrapping presents for donations. 
Garris said that his family probably wrapped over 100 gifts for the fundraiser. “They’re doing it for a good cause, and we’re all about helping that cause.”
Project Graduation is run solely by volunteers and funded by donations and contributions.
“I think the kids deserve Project Graduation,” said Charles Lyons who, along with his family, spent hours most days of the fundraiser out wrapping the gifts. “It needs to be done…If I take it on, we’re going to get it done. And the kids WILL have Project Graduation.”
Lyons said that they need more volunteers to come out and actively support the program. Lyons is a huge supporter of the program, but his family often ends up shouldering much of the volunteering themselves.
Project Graduation’s next event will be their Applebee’s Flapjack Fundraiser Feb 3 starting at 8 a.m.

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