The owners have spoken and so has Pastor Angel

In my business, whether talking or writing, politics can get you in trouble. Believe me, I know and do understand why my late boss Gaylon Christie at the original KOOV preached to me about staying clear of issues.
Did I listen? Of course..not.
A friend of the family tried to get me fired when I mentioned a city council candidate at Rabbitfest once, then when I wrote that the makeup of Cove’s school board was right for athletics, a challenger’s wife even pulled away from a gas station when she saw I was at the next pump.
So, after many years of remaining clear, here I go again.
Yes, I’m in agreement with the recent NFL owners’ decision that hopefully will stop sideline protests during the national anthem, which is disrespectful of our flag, in my opinion, no matter what other people say.
Effective this season, teams will either stay in their locker room until the anthem is over, or if they come out prior, they have to stand up, no kneeling allowed, or fines can be assessed.
Any work place and a pro football field is just that, is no place for a protest.  People have a right to vent their feelings, no question.  This isn’t Nazi Germany, where you could be shot for disagreeing with the head shed.  If you want to protest, set one up in a park, or go to the city square and let it all out.  But not at a football stadium, where fans have spent good money to watch world-class athletes play a game, of which respect for our flag and anthem are big parts.
Here’s one thing I got right in my radio days.
When someone did a good thing for their community, they’d get a Joey Award..just a shout out on our morning show, which told the audience that person deserved a thumbs up.  I’ve got one today for assistant pastor Angel Valencia of Refuge Ministries.
Angel is the longtime custodian of our Bulldawg Victory Bell, which he rings at home games and has hauled it to Texas Stadium, Stephenville and other far-flung venues.  He is starting a fund drive to get it looking better and some restoration work done before the 2018 season begins.  Sherry and I have kicked in and if you can help, call Angel at 254-258-7505.
We need this iconic sideline reminder of Bulldawg touchdowns.
Go Dawgs!

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