Local preteen named Fort Hood Area Lemonade Day Entrepreneur of the Year

Special to the Leader-Press

1,400-plus students learning the Lemonade Day curriculum, 200-plus hosting stands, one Fort Hood Area Entrepreneur of the Year. 
Lemonade Day officials announced on Saturday that Pre-Teen Miss Five Hills Briana Liles was the young entrepreneur who will be representing the area at the national competition. 
The petite 9-year old raked in more than $700 during Lemonade Day weekend, selling both lemonade and food at her stand that she hosted in three different locations. 
“I took the advice from all my mentors on how to be successful.  Not much could have gone better with my delicious lemonade, lemon crinkle cookies, lemon cupcakes, and lemon bars and pulled pork which my mom taught me to make,” Liles said.  “I wanted my lemonade stand to be a one-stop-shop that offered a variety of options that fit anyone’s budget. I knew I had to pay back my investors and make money for what meant the most to me, alopecia. I got to educate so many that never heard of it before and honestly that was the most rewarding part.”
Liles herself is affected by alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss and can result in bald patches on the scalp, face and other parts of the body. Profits from Liles’ stand will be used to send children affected by alopecia to a summer camp.
Liles opened her stand 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Saturday and 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Sunday. She hosted her stand at Heights Lumber Saturday morning, Killeen Sprint Saturday afternoon, and Copperas Cove Walmart on Sunday. 
“My feet have never hurt so badly. But, I got to understand what my parents feel like to be on their feet all day to make a paycheck to provide for me and brothers and sister,” Liles said. “On Sunday, our stand was so busy, I had my brothers and both my mom and dad with me as helpers, and it was the greatest feeling to know they all supported me.”
Liles also won third place in the best stand contest with her stand that was built for a queen.
“I cannot say thank you enough to Luis Ocada at Heights Lumber who helped bring my visions to life beyond my expectations. I wanted tons of glitter, shelves, wheels, and a crown,” Liles said. “My daddy helped me paint the letters with glitter paint and hung them. I had so much fun painting my stand Girlfriend Pink.”
Liles said participating in Lemonade day was the best decision she’s ever made. 
“I made myself money, saved some for next year so I won’t be in debt from the start again, and get to donate $290 after paying off my $414 debt to build my stand and all the supplies including food,” Liles said. “The time with my family sharing education about something that truly affects me while raising money to help those also suffering was the biggest and best part.” 

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