Local Girl Scouts open 1987 time capsule

Cove Leader-Press
Two weeks ago, local Girl Scout troops descended on Camp Kachina in Belton for their spring campout on March 5 and unearthed a bit of history when they opened a time capsule that had been put in the ground by Girl Scout troops in 1987.
Among the nearly 29-year-old relics was a small vest that fit on a bear with several patches important to them at the time, a ribbon with a list of all the scouts, leaders and troops’ names; note cards with contact information of the scouts and leaders, a small quilt, a Rabbit Fest bumper sticker, a copy of the Copperas Cove Leader-Press newspaper, along with messages from the girls in 1987 to the present-day Girl Scouts.
A short letter dated April 5, 1987 began with: “Dear future Girl Scouts, Do Brownies still earn Try It patches? We have earned 5 this year.” The letter had other questions about the future, such as: “Do people live underwater and has a space station been built in 2012?”
Multiple troops from Copperas Cove contributed to the capsule, and some of the then-young Girl Scouts were either present or soon learned about the time capsule. Today’s Girl Scouts from Troop 6120 of Copperas Cove were excited to see the items come out of the time capsule.
“I recognized my 5th grade teacher on the list of names so that was pretty cool,” said Allyssa Kimball, age 12.
“I liked the little tiny Girl Scout vest. It was really cute. I also liked the roll of names because I saw a lot of teachers from school who were girl scouts like me,” said Isabel Petty, age 11.
“I liked seeing the list of names and pictures from the troops in 1987,” said Emily Kimball, age 9.
“I actually think it was more exciting for the parents, leaders, and former leaders who were present to see all these little patches and things from the past,” said Brandy Petty, one of the co-leaders for Troop 6120. “It was nostalgic for everyone who was a part of Girl Scouts in that era. The patches all brought back memories of when they were on our own vests and sashes and being able to take a look back at what everyone was wearing back then brought a little humor to those of us trying to preserve the pictures. For me, it was fun pulling out the Rabbit Fest bumper sticker from 1987. Being associated with the Rabbit Fest Pageant the last couple of years and knowing that my kids were able to be a part of a long time tradition in Cove really solidified that Copperas Cove is our home.”
Both Petty and another co-leader, Elizabeth Chase, began working to dry out the items, especially photos, that very weekend so they would not turn brown.
It didn’t take long for news about the time capsule’s contents to spread to former Girl Scouts.
“Once we started posting everything on Facebook, people started tagging each other and the conversation about memories just flooded our pages,” Petty said.
Christy Grubb Montoya said she attended the campout in the summer of 1987 and had just finished 4th grade. She’d forgotten about the time capsule until seeing the posts online.
“I loved seeing all of the names. Some I am still great friends with, even after all of these years,” Montoya said. “Most of us grew up together. So it was wonderful to bring up the memories, and sharing stories from our childhood. It even led to new friend requests being sent and accepted.”
Candice Bachie said her mother was their troop leader. She’d forgotten about it until troop leader and family friend Anne Czajkowski reminded her about it.
“I was excited to see it unearthed. Our troop number was 6320,” Bachie said. “I hope it serves as a reminder of how life was and maybe an example to future generations that there was more than cell phones and Google.”
Chase said she is currently working on preserving the items found working with a local historian and archivist. Once the items are fully taken care of, Petty said ultimately it would be nice to get them encased and put up for display so former Girl Scouts can visit with their daughters and see the bits of history.


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