Kids become entrepreneurs for Lemonade Day


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Saturday was a warm and humid day in Copperas Cove and served as the perfect day for local kids selling fresh lemonade at lemonade stands all over Copperas Cove for Lemonade Day.

Hayley Sawyer is a kindergartner at Martin Walker Elementary School and for the second year ran her own lemonade stand, Bluebonnet Lemonade. She sold strawberry and regular lemonade for $1 each. Hayley said she will keep some of the money for herself and will give some to the Bluebonnet Equine Society for horses, because Hayley loves horses and is just starting to learn how to ride. Her mom, Amanda, was a big help in being able to open another lemonade stand. While Hayley was waiting for customers to come by, she played her violin.

Isabella and Colin Maybury operated Mayberry Lemonade. This is the third year that the Mayburys have operated a lemonade stand for Lemonade Day. Mayberry Lemonade was set up in front of Ace Hardware for the second straight year. 

The brother and sister team sold lemonade, hot dogs, and chips. Isabella said they are both giving some of the money to their church and to the animal shelter.

Leila Siddoway ran her lemonade stand, Leila’s Lemons, in front of Jersey Mike’s Sandwich Shop. This is the first year Leila had a lemonade stand. Leila said her mother helped with her stand and all of the materials needed for success. Leila will be donating 50 percent of her earnings to the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation, which is an organization that helps kids with this genetic bone disorder.  

Adyson Aus ran Refreshings Lemonade in front of the AT&T store. His father, Trevor, helped him build his stand. 

“I am going to give some of the money to the Cove Animal Shelter,” said Adyson. This was the first year that Adyson was a part of Lemonade Day.

Sisters Stephanie and Marlena Benger operated the Laughing Lemons lemonade stand on North 1st street in Copperas Cove. They decided to have a stand for lemonade day because they wanted to raise money for the Girl Scouts and this is their second year participating in the event. They also sold lemonade, water, and cookies.

Julz & Liliz Lemonade stand was open for business all day. Their stand was located in front of Grill Daddy’s Restaurant along East Avenue D. They sold lemonade and hot dogs.

“I like doing lemonade stands. It is fun,” said Julz. This is the fourth year they have participated in the annual event.

The girls were very appreciative of the support they received from local businesses like Grill Daddy’s and Home Base. 

Julz and Liliz said 10 percent of their profits will be donated to Copperas Cove homeless veterans. 

Khloi Martuscelli had her lemonade stand of South 19th Street. This is the first year she has been a part of the event. She sold lemonade, water, and snacks. She described Lemonade Day with one word: “Fun.”

Lemonade Day began in 2007, from an idea that founder Michael Holthouse had to inspire and empower the youth of today to become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow by helping them start, own and operate their very own business.

The idea behind Lemonade Day is for kids to “save some, spend some, and share some” of their profits.

In 2010, First National Bank Texas and Fort Hood National Bank introduced Lemonade Day to the Fort Hood area. The bank staff became interested in the idea when attending a youth development conference the year before. The program that was shared with them focused on teaching children how to manage money through life skills. They wanted to expand the program so that it could reach children of military families.

Each year in preparation, several free events lead up to Lemonade Day such as Lemonade Day University, where kids learn about all aspects of creating and running their own lemonade stand. There’s also a workshop on building the lemonade stand, this year held at Chick-fil-A in Copperas Cove with the assistance of Ace Hardware. 

Fort Hood Lemonade Day also holds a Best Tasting Lemonade contest sponsored by the organization. This year, a young Copperas Cove entrepreneur, Adyson Aus, won for his the Most Unique Lemonade in the contest. 

For 2017 Lemonade Day, 92 lemonade stands were open for business in the Fort Hood area.

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