Kicking it at the library

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KIAP! The young martial artists shouted as they struck wooden boards with their hands and feet, bits of boards splintering as each snapped their board neatly in two.
Chris Anderson, a red II belt and an assistant instructor at Self Defense America, led a martial arts demonstration on Tuesday at the Copperas Cove Public Library. The performance was part of the library’s ongoing Summer Reading Program. As part of the demonstration, Anderson and ten other martial artists performed a variety of kicks, blocks, breaks, forms, and more to the delight of their young audience. Many of the martial artists were children themselves.
“With the forms, I hope they gained a desire to learn and focus themselves and maybe learn about the tradition behind taekwondo,” said Anderson. “And breaking boards really boosts confidence. It helps develop that ‘I can’ attitude.”
After the students’ performance, Anderson and some of the older students held re-breakable boards allowing for audience members to try their own hand at breaking a board with either their hand or foot.
“I thought it was good,” said Tamera Foster who brought her children Kyler Foster (10), Gavin Foster (5), and Jon Demott (9). “It’s nice to see the dedication in young kids.”
“It was cool how they kicked a lot of things and broke boards,” said Kyler Foster.
“I thought it was really good, especially their agility,” said Jon Demott.
Many of the children enjoyed the fact that most of the martial artists were kids their own age, and some of them had gone to school together.
“I thought it was really awesome…I had so much fun,” said Kameren Jones (11). “My favorite part was when Kyan Ramos broke her board.”
Jones added that Kyan Ramos was a classmate of his.
The parents said that they liked how disciplined the younger martial artists were.
Diana Hyde brought her grandson, Bobby Ness (5), to watch the demonstration. Hyde said that she really liked the martial arts demonstration and martial arts in general. 
“I think every little girl, and every big girl, and every little boy, and every big boy needs to know how to protect themselves,” said Hyde. “The good thing about that school is that they teach them that it’s for protection and not to hurt other people.”
Hyde said that she really likes the library and that she brings her grandkids to many of the programs that the library offers.
The library’s Summer Reading Program will continue next week with Fun with STEM Activities on Monday at 2 p.m. The teen group can attend a juggling class taught by professional juggler, Matt Tardy, Wednesday at 2 p.m. Thursday, Singing Zoologist, Lucas Miller, will have performances at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.

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