Copperas Cove FFA, 4-H students have strong showing in annual Coryell County Fair


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The Coryell County Youth Fair Auction concluded the week-long fair on Saturday evening. 

Keith Turner, the speaker and Auctioneer for the auction said, “I’ll tell you, I’m super competitive – but we can’t lose sight of what it’s truly for. Tonight, we’ll get to reward those that did have a good youth fair, make the premium auction, give them some money so they can move on down the road.” 

Turner is an alum of Copperas Cove and gives back to the fair for the students each year.

Altogether, Copperas Cove had 18 students representing Copperas Cove FFA, Five Hills 4-H, and Muddy Boots 4-H, 10 from Copperas Cove FFA, seven from Five Hills 4-H, and one from Muddy Boots.

Jonathan Haag with Five Hills 4H, won Grand Champion with his Dairy Goat Billie, which sold for $900 dollars at auction.

Shaylee Veleske, with Copperas Cove FFA, won Grand Champion with her Breeding Swine, which sold for $900 on Saturday evening.

Inara Lewis with Muddy Boots 4-H, took Grand Champion with her Group 1 Rabbit, which sold for $700. 

Cooper Anderson, with Five Hills 4-H, won Grand Champion with his Group 2 Rabbit, which sold for $700.

Other Copperas Cove students whose entries made the auction included 

Lynsey Robison, a senior with Copperas Cove FFA, for her 1st Place Southdown Sheep; 

Peyton Velesky, Copperas Cove FFA, 2nd Place Berkshire Sheep;

Caden Secrest, Copperas Cove FFA, 2nd Place Heavy Weight Goat;

Lynnsey Terry, Copperas Cove FFA, 3rd Place Broiler;

Cooper Anderson, 5 Hills 4-H, Grand Champion Group 2 Rabbit;

Noah Haag, 5 Hills 4-H; 1st Place Medium Wool;

Brayden Lewis, 5 Hills 4-H, Reserve Champion Bar Cookies;

Nicolas Haag, 5 Hills 4-H. Reserve Champion Other Needlework;

Lana Ledger, 5 Hills 4-H, 4th Place Broiler;

Caitlyn Slatton, 5 Hills 4-H, Reserve Champion Machine Quilt;

Cooper Anderson, 5 Hills 4-H, Grand Champion Group 2 Rabbit.

This year, with the help of the Copperas Cove Buyer’s Club and local businesses and individuals, Copperas Cove students saw about $15,000 come their way from the Youth Fair, not including  add-ons.

The Velesky sisters of Copperas Cove likewise distinguished themselves. Katielynn, a 6th grader, and Shaylee, in 8th grade, attend S.C. Lee Junior High, and took top honors. 

Katielynn won Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Dark OPB with her hog named “Chill.” 

Katielynn and Chill went on to be named grand overall of the entire show. 

Shaylee’s pure Hampshire gilt named “DC” was named Grand Champion Breeding Gilt. 

The two sisters are now preparing to exhibit at the state level at the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo in February and then the National Conference Show in Belton in March.

Like the Velesky sisters, students from all over the county competed starting January 10th with Home Economics entries, out for everybody to see and to buy after the judging. 

Also, the livestock weigh-ins took place that same afternoon and competitions that continued through the week. Only the best Home Economics projects made it to the auction on Saturday. 

Even if students placed in more than one item, they could only enter one into the auction. If a buyer decides to buy a student’s livestock, the funds go directly to helping the student. The buyer doesn’t receive the actual livestock. The money the student earns can then go to whatever they want, with most families using it to help pay for the students’ future projects, and in the case of many seniors, for their college. 

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