Animal Shelter hosts vaccination clinic

By KATHLEEN STARLING  The Copperas Cove Animal Shelter hosted a pet vaccination clinic Wednesday evening at the Copperas Cove Civic Center, offering low cost pet vaccinations, nail trimming, licensing and microchipping.David Wellington, senior Animal Control Officer  at the Copperas Cove Animal Shelter, explainedthis was the third year for the semiannual event, hosted in August and February. Wellington was quick to point out the Copperas Cove Animal Shelter was merely hosting Wednesday’s event and Kathy Beaupre, Event Coordinator with Today’s Girl Youth Organization, was the person that made it all happen. Beaupre helps to raise funds with participants in the International Miss beauty and talent pageants. Beaupre explained the vaccination clinic served as both a fundraiser and a community service project and “makes the kids understand the need.” Wellington added that with only four Animal Control officers serving Copperas Cove, “this event would have been impossible without the volunteers.”  Volunteers at the clinic were animal sh  ter volunteers as well as Jenny Shotwell, CEO of More Paws 2 Love of Bell County, and her team of animal lovers. Groomers from Brandi’s Grooming were on hand to trim nails for donations, with the donations going to the Copperas Cove Animal Shelter Jennifer Stevenson of Copperas Cove attendedlast year’s clinic and returned this year with her furry friends, Buster and Daisy. Stevenson said, “It’s very economical, especially with two dogs. And it’s so well organized this year.”Volunteers from the Copperas Cove Animal Shelter were ecstatic to see animals they knew from the shelter with their new families and being well cared for. When asked what the Copperas Cove Animal Shelter needed in way of donations, one volunteer emphasized,  Dog food!” Dr. John Tarlton, DVM, administered the vaccinations for the clinic and will also be administering rabies vaccines to all animals at the Copperas Cove Animal Shelter in time for their free adoption event this weekend. This weekend’s free adoption event will run today from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. While the adoptions this weekend are free, spay/neuter vaccinations and micro-chipping contracts  are still required. For more information about the adoption   event, contact the Copperas Cove Animal Shelter at (254) 547-5584.vices she offers to the community, but then she decided to make it a fundraiser as well. The minimum $6 donation is going to Michele McGuire, a local businessowner who’s facing rising medical  costs due to procedures, hospitalizations for chronic pancreatitis. Ute said sonis massage is a notouch massage, which uses sound wave therapy from either a crystal bowl, or in some cases a metal bowl. The therapytechnique comes from Nepal.  One of Ute’s bowls, about 16 inches across, is made of thick crystal. Another smaller bowl is made of hammeredand shaped metal.  “This bowl has more than 13 different inds of metal. We call them in Germany planet bowls. Each planet has a special sound, which in math is like a radio wave,”  Ute said. One bowl in her collection,  when struck, emanates the sounds of   the planets Uranus and Mars. She explained how sonis massage therapy works and what it does. “We react to sound, because we’re 75 to 80 percent made of water. What it does is massage you from inside. After 45 minutes of massage, some people have trouble moving their legs, they are  that relaxed,” Ute said. When someonehas an imbalance in their body, whether it is muscular or otherwise, the body will react to the sound. Even abdominal issues can respond to the sound therapy. For Saturday, those who come  need to only bring a few things. “Everybody brings pillows, blankets, yoga mats. They can sit up, butthe energy flows best when they’re lying down,” Ute said. She is hoping for a good turnout, and plans to be there as long as people show up. “If there are 20 who come, I have time to put the bowl  n each of them. I can put the bowls on the stomach. The vibrations go through your system, it is just amazing. I can listen to the bowl, I can hear, where the sou d is not going through.” The Copperas Cove Entrepreneur  enter is located at 207 S. 3rd St. 

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