Rev. Paul looking for Jethros to lead



I’m looking for Jethro -- or, more accurately, I’m looking for a bunch of Jethros! You see, Moses had been given a big job by God; that of leading a whole bunch of people out of Egypt and into the Promised Land. From the very start he did a pretty good job of it, but it turned out that he needed some advice. That advice came from a recent convert who had left the role of a pagan Midian priest to become an advisor to Moses. Jethro didn’t ask Moses if he wanted advice. He just saw it was needed and gave it (Exodus 18:13-16). I suspect that from time to time I’m going to write something in this column that will be the equivalent of Moses making a mistake in his position. I’m hoping that there will be a Jethro or two who will be willing to step and set me straight -- or at least make the effort.
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