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Local beauty queen works to save wildlife

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Avery Brown loves to hike and “go on adventures.” She loves nature and exploring. She and her family have fostered many birds, rabbits and other wildlife when they required assistance to survive.

The reigning Little Miss Five Hills has been busy at her kitchen sink washing mascara wands to help rescued wildlife through the Wands for Wildlife program.

“I think it’s really fun washing mascara wands,” Avery said. “I want to help because I love all animals and want to make sure they feel better if they get hurt or sick. My favorites are the bunnies and baby birds.”

Wands for Wildlife started back in March of 2017 when Appalachian in North Carolina made a social media post asking for used mascara wands to help remove fly eggs and larva from the fur and feathers of wild animals. 

The post went viral and Avery and others around the world signed up to be Wandraisers, collecting mascara wands for the organization.

The discarded mascara wands collected by Avery are shared with wildlife caregivers in Central Texas to use in their work providing care and treatment to wild animals. The wands work well  because the bristles are close together. Wands are also reused through the Wand Art program, a creative initiative to engage youth and artists with the mission to help the wild ones.

Avery loves nature and exploring. As she’s gotten older, her mother, Heather Brown, has taught her the importance of keeping the outdoors beautiful and free from litter. 

“We also focus on keeping our local trails, parks, and lakes stay clean. For not only us, but for our local wildlife,” Heather Brown said. “Not everyone shares these ideologies.”

Avery has placed collection boxes for used mascara wands in various locations throughout Copperas Cove including GymKix, 1352 Matthew Spicer Road; Copperas Cove ISD main office, 408 S. Main Street; and Copperas Cove Leader Press, 2210 U.S. Business Highway 190. To arrange a drop-off for a large donation, contact

“Seeing the love and compassion in my daughter’s eyes for this project has inspired me in many ways to help us both strive to do better,” Heather Brown said.

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