The trap of complacency

On the Sidelines

The season is winding down and now more than ever, we must guard against becoming complacent. Practices seem redundant and many times become boring. We must continue to prepare and practice properly every week whether we win or lose. This is a good reminder for coaches as well as players. 
What is complacency? 
When teams have success, they often quit doing the things that helped them become successful. Elite behavior and alignment takes moments of success and reflects on what allowed them to happen and knows that all they have to do is keep doing the things that made them successful. Most people cannot stay consistent in doing this. 
The formula for success is not rocket science. It’s easy to overlook because it seems insignificant. Proper work habits are not big sweeping things. They are not heroic or dramatic. They are the little things that are done every day. Repetition and attention to detail are small things that spell big results over time if they are done consistently. They might become boring or seem redundant but being consistent in doing the right things is the key to being successful. 
Simple daily disciplines… 
It is so important that we do not stay the same as we were yesterday. We must realize we are always in motion. The direction of our motion is totally up to each one of us.  
Football is all about details. To be successful you must understand the task at hand and apply your knowledge to your effort. At every step along the process the little things must be applied as you build toward a conclusion. 
We learn to be specific in paying attention to detail as we gain experience. Most of our knowledge comes from real life events. The best learning occurs when we make mistakes and do not succeed. If we are able to learn from our mistakes we cannot define these moments as failures.
An example of preparing yourself and not even knowing if you will play is Iowa State quarterback Kyle Kemp. It is hard for a player to be prepared when they are not playing much.   Kemp, a senior who had thrown just two passes in his career before starting against Oklahoma, played because the regular starter, Jacob Park, went on leave for undisclosed personal medical reasons late in the week. Kemp led Iowa State to a big win over the Sooners. Then last Saturday, he followed the performance up with another huge win over 4th ranked TCU.
Kemp was a top recruit out of high school in Ohio. He signed with Oregon State but was told after a year he would not play. So he transferred to a Kansas junior college and eventually walked on at ISU. He made the team but was not expected to contribute. Now look at him. Kemp is a great example of a ready man never having to get ready.  
Football is all about details. Life is about details. If we are detail driven and make sure that we know that there is a progression to everything we do we have a chance to be successful. It isn’t about luck, it is about when preparation meets opportunity. Being complacent in whatever situation you are in (starter, backup or role player) does not prepare you for success.
Thought for the week, “A higher rate of urgency does not imply ever-present panic, anxiety, or fear. It means a state in which complacency is virtually absent.” John P. Kotter 

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