Too many eggs

by Renae Brumbaugh

Right now, I have forty-six eggs in my refrigerator. Forty-six, people. And no, I’m not planning to open a cupcake factory or a breakfast café. I have no aspirations to take over as the Easter Bunny. I don’t even like rabbits, but that’s another article. I have forty-six eggs because my hens have decided they like to lay eggs. Lots and lots of them. It’s my own fault. A few weeks ago, I thought they were slacking off. I was only getting one or two eggs a day, so I did what every good coach does. I gave them a pep talk. I told them I knew they were trying hard, but I felt they could do a little more. I mentioned how much I enjoyed their eggs, how they tasted so much better than the store-bought ones. I said they were beautiful and smart and strong. (Not sure what that last part has to do with laying eggs, but I figured flattery never hurts.) Turns out, they listened. Before long, I was getting five, six, even seven eggs a day. Considering I only have seven hens and four roosters, that’s pretty doggone good. I’ve given eggs away, but they multiply. I’m eating eggs for lunch and dinner. Who needs a protein shake when you’ve got hens? We’ve made cakes. Casseroles. Omelets. Boiled eggs, deviled eggs, scrambled eggs. We’ve eaten them over easy, medium, and hard. I even made some cute little mini-quiches. I thought about having an egg toss when everyone comes over for Easter . . . but I wouldn’t want anyone to accuse me of fowl play. No matter what I do, I can’t get behind on the eggs. If we eat four eggs, the next day they lay five. If we eat five, the next day we get six. And they somehow sense when we don’t eat any at all. The next day, we get only one or two. We just can’t lose for winning. I should be happy my hens are such egg-selent layers. But they really crack me up. It’s like they want to somehow prove their worth. Every day when I feed them, they meet me at the gate, all clucky and happy, tail feathers high and proud. My point is, my hens always give me what I need for that day, and a little bit more. They do it because they’re birds, and laying eggs is what they do. Just today, I started wondering if God wasn’t up there having a big laugh over it all, because He knew sooner or later, I was gonna compare Him to those chickens. Yep. It’s true, though. Every day, God gives me what I need for that day, and a little more. Some days it feels like I won’t even make it through, but I do. And when it’s all done and I finally lay my head on my blue flowered pillowcase, I realize He’s carried me through again. He pours out His grace and goodness on me. Some days I don’t need as much. Other days, I use every egg in the carton . . . but the next time I need His strength or wisdom or mercy, there it is. And I don’t even have to coach Him or flatter Him to get it. He just provides those things because He’s God, and that’s what He does. “But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory . . .” Philippians 4:19. Find Renae’s latest book, The Breaking Point, on, or learn more about her at

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