Thinking big when you’re small

My front porch

Lynette Sowell

Once upon a time there used to be grocery stores where they knew your name because you shopped there week after week. You could even run a “tab” and pay for your purchases all at once at the end of the month. Sometimes, employees would even carry your bags to your car and put them in the trunk for you

But the little guy couldn’t buy in bulk and they couldn’t give you “cheaper” prices than the big guys. We customers started to demand more exotic products, more variety, more brands. Eventually some of the little guys went away. Tiknking big became a way of life for some. Here came the “big box” stores.

Name the product, the size, the color, and it was there. No longer did you have to hunt from store to store to find the best deal, because the big guy had you covered. They read your mind and knew what you wanted.

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