Spirit groups need to learn sportsmanship

Cup o' Joe

First, let me point out that I have nothing bad whatsoever to say about the Garland Sachse football team. 
Not a word.
The Mustangs earned their win over Copperas Cove last Friday with strong, skillful play and the Bulldawgs pushed them hard.  Even their coach said so.
However, after their first three touchdowns, something happened I thought was totally unacceptable in a high school game, which is supposed to be about winning with class and sportsmanship.  
Four Sachse students, at least I’m assuming that’s where they were from, sprinted onto the field, one carrying a flag with their team logo and three others with the letters S H S.  They ran to the Bulldawg head at center field and circled it a few times, dragging the flags over it, as if they were taking ownership.
Later, after another touchdown, some Cove students ran out, surrounded the logo and shooed the invaders away.  Still later, after a final touchdown, the group, seeing the defenders, did it again, this time in front of the home stands.  
You think they got the idea from Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield and his antics at Ohio Stadium the week before?
Someone will probably come back with “Joe, they’re just kids.”  I don’t care if that’s so. I do care that nobody has taught them the meaning of what competition is all about.  Sure, at this level, it’s about winning, but winning with class.  They’ll need to know how later in life, I promise.
Those kids had a supervisor.  This person allowed it and condoned it.  That person is the one to be held accountable.
And yes, an apology is warranted.
Go Dawgs!

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