Shopping with other people’s money

Lynette Sowell
-My front porch-
It’s always fun to go shopping when someone else is footing the bill. Like the time I had the chance to go shopping, as a committee member, for door prizes for a group’s annual Christmas banquet. Fellow committee members and I discussed the kinds of prizes we wanted to offer the group, and off I went. 
I purchased gift cards to local restaurants and other stores. We as a committee went round and round on those—trying to stay as local as possible, yet also offer prizes people would enjoy. Some of the crowd like going to McDonald’s for breakfast, so I purchased a few gift cards there. We also bought H-E-B gift cards and a few others with higher dollar amounts. 
The following year, another committee member got to go on the “shopping spree” with the banquet funds. All kinds of fun gadgets and gizmos, from kitchen sets to a shop vac to, well, you name it. A little bit of something for everyone.


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