See you in the funny papers

Well folks, since Free Comic Book Day is soon to be upon us (this weekend, in fact), I figured that I’d take a few minutes and look at some comic… strips that I’d like to put forward for public consideration, some of which you will in fact find in comic book or paperback format at your local comic shop. 
In no particular order:
Amazing Spider-Man - : Believe it or not folks, Spidey’s adventures have been in the newspaper for decades now. The last few story arcs have involved Spidey with at least one guest star, such as Black Widow and Rocket Raccoon, so that’s more bang for the buck. The comics run all seven days a week, with the Sunday strips syncing with the dailies. 
Curtis - : This one’s a simple slice-of-life title… with over-the-top comedy thrown in. Curtis and his family are… not actually ordinary, given what Curtis can smuggle into a movie theater, but when you consider what the rest of their world is like, it’s not that bad. They’re just a blue-collar family from the inner city trying to get through life the best they know how. 
Flash Gordon - : That’s right: the classic sci-fi serial is still going, with new strips every Friday. I kid you not. 
Henry - : Speaking of old-timey titles, Henry’s still kicking about as well. 
The Katzenjammer Kids - : …And it turns out Der Captain is still holding his own as well, with new bits on Sundays, too. 
Pluggers - : Good ol’-fashioned humor by people who’ve lived for people who’ve lived. If you can appreciate the humor, congratulate yourself. 
Rip Haywire - : This affectionate parody of old-time serial comics works not because of nostalgia alone, but because it’s legitimately funny and has an honest amount of heart. The main series runs Monday through Saturday, with Sundays being re-runs of older strips. 
Nancy - : Yes folks, not only is that old classic still going, this one is among the ones that’s seen comic publication. There’s been a few updates here and there, but it’s still got the same heart and same sensibilities it always did. 
Heart Of The City - : The premise is simple: a girl and her single mom are trying to make their way in the big city. Not only is Heart the name of the girl, it’s also what the series has, with most of the strips devoted to regular people dealing with regular issues. 
Calvin & Hobbes - : Yes folks, this classic tale of a boy and his tiger is online for all to read. The series started back at the beginning and has been going since, so all anyone has to do is fiddle with the archives to find the beginning. This was one of the pivotal titles of my generation, folks. 
Phoebe And Her Unicorn - : This folks… is the successor to the above. It’s a young girl and her unicorn, misadventure ahoy. I’d easily recommend this for anyone just getting into reading. 
Herb & Jamaal - : I wish I had room for more titles here, but sadly I don’t and so I’ll have to end with this one for right now. The premise for this one is that a pair of old friends reunite in middle age to start a restaurant together, with misadventure following. 
See you in the funny papers, folks. 

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